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2012 London Olympics. U.S. v.s. North Korea.

“The game was on Hope’s birthday, so we thought she needed some fun. Abby proposed that Hope would do the worm if anyone on our team scored. With the possibility of a worm-dancing goalkeeper in our future, the mood was light when we hit the field at Old Trafford. Abby scored in the 25th minute. Sure enough, Hope dropped to the ground and did the worm! Christie Rampone joined in, and we all grabbed hands and did a little worm wave with our arms. It was hilarious, and it brought us all together in the same way making those snow angels had done years before.” – Alex Morgan, “Breakaway - Beyond the Goal”. 


“I’m incredibly boring; I had a very happy childhood. I never starved, nor did I have a silver spoon in my mouth. I’m one of those terribly middle-of-the-road, British middle class, South London gents.“

Happy 45th Birthday David Jude Heyworth Law (December 29, 1972)

Happy Holidays guys!!!

It’s the kids first Christmas and thanks to some idea assistance from @mimimonday​ we have a Nutcracker theme!!! And of Course Santa and his little helpers

So there aren’t any questions


Raph : Sugar Plum Fairy A beautiful fairy who resembles Clara’s sister Louise. (Giving Leo an early Christmas present.)

Leo:  Cavalier The handsome partner of the Sugar Plum Fairy. He resembles Louise’s boyfriend James.(Enjoying early Christmas present but may push for a little more later <3)

Mikey: Santa’s Main Helper (Trying to hold a mistletoe over Raph and Leo but freaking out over the other Sebastian’s, worried they may fall.)

Donnie: Santa’s peppermint Helper. (Donnie still isn’t used to the kids abilities)

Casey: Santa’s Expert Helper (Trying to keep Mikey from falling and ruining the special moment.)

April: Santa’s flower helper(fan girling over Raph and Leo and loving everyone’s costumes.)

Artemisia: Clara A young girl. She is presented with a Nutcracker doll for Christmas and dreams that he comes to life. (in the pic she is gnawing on a power cord, not it does not hurt her.)

Sebastian: The Nutcracker Prince Clara’s toy that comes to life. He is transformed into a handsome Prince and accompanies Clara on her adventure.((A)Just having fun looking over everything (B sneezing) ©Trying to kick Leo away from Raph he wants some lovings!!!)

Yoshi: Mouse King The mischievous King of the Mice. The Mouse King declares war on the Nutcracker and his soldiers.(Calmly laying in Leo’s arms just taking care of his bear)

Master Splinter: Santa (confused over the cheerful chaos thats going on.but is still enjoying the change of pace with the little ones)


Museum of Water is an invitation to take part and to have your say.

The context we are making this work in has changed with each new water crisis. The Museum’s travels around Britain began and continued in years of repeated and catastrophic floods, first in Somerset then in Cumbria. The American water crises of Flint, Nestle and DAPL have brought new focus to global water management and sourcing. Water rights have never been so hotly contested: the bottled water industry nears a global market value of $200 billion, with a huge alternative cost to the world in plastic consumption.

We have had the chance to travel from the Netherlands to Australia, from flood to drought, re-tracing ancient trade routes for a whole new exchange. We work in Australia now in the age of a ‘nil by water’ immigration policy, but also at a time when rivers nearby have been given human rights. Before our eyes the Mediterranean Sea has turned from pleasure garden to graveyard, as the flood of refugees escaping from a drought and water war in Syria has brought to breaking point the coping and caring strategies of different countries, questioning our kindness and threatening the very coalition of Europe.

No one could have predicted the shocking change of contexts this water work has encountered, and of course our relationship with water will continue to adapt rapidly over the coming years, in new and unexpected ways. Museum of Water is an act of witness. It explores the boundary lines of our bodies and our thinking, and considers more fluid way of understanding the world and our inter-relations.

Museum of Water has travelled to over 50 different sites worldwide, been visited by over 40,000 people, and currently holds over 1000 bottles in the collection. These range from a melted snowman to a burst London water main and water from the last ice age, a muddy puddle in Birmingham to a canal in Rotterdam, water from Lourdes, Mecca and the Ganges, condensation from a Falmouth window, Ghost water and bad dream water, 20-year-old evaporated snow from Maine, a new born baby’s bath water, Norwegian spit, three types of urine, two different breaths and water from a bedside table said to be infused with dreams.

Eadi Solanki-Jackson (2007) - Water from a river in India

Rebecca Sharrocks (8-10/03/2013) - Rain Water collected over 2 days

Kipp Bryan (10/03/2013) - Sea water, fizzy water, and a bath bomb

Sidney (08/03/2013) - Water from my brother’s bath, 1 week after his operation. Water makes him feel better

Amy Sharrocks (19/05/2009) - Water from the Thames, collected at the end of the WALBROOK River Walk

Rocky (2012 Summer Holiday) - Greek painting with blue and white. Inside stones from Greece. The tap water reminds me of the sea and my holiday

Violet Bensley (10/03/2013) - Rusty water from my bird bath

Jesse Allmon (12/03/2013) - Water from my fish tank

Esme Supple (10/03/2013) - Hospital water and tap water

​Catrin Jones (Jan 2013) - My melted snowman