2012 2016

How the turtles react to their s/o having a gap in their teeth:


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The guys reactions to their s/o trip to the dentist & getting a tooth removed leaving a little gap. (Super self conscious) 


“There’s no need to be self-conscious,” Leo would smile hopefully, holding your hand tightly within his own, to reassure you his words were sincere. “Honestly, you can hardly even notice it.” Unaware of how stupid he sounded saying that, Leo soon received a punch to the arm; “can’t notice it? Leo there’s a bloody black-hole between my teeth!” You retort defensively, being incredibly aware of just how obvious it was. “What I meant was…” Leo began again, slowly, rubbing his arm (even though you knew you didn’t hurt him) “You’re so beautiful, I couldn’t find a flaw.” And he kisses you on your cheek to prove it.


“Ha - you look like Donnie!” Raph would blurt out unintentionally, not really comprehending how self-conscious you were about the space between your teeth. Though, as quick as you were to cover you mother, he had already realised what he’d said, and how horrible it must have sounded. “Shit - I didn’t mean -” He sighed for a moment, and then looked dead in your eyes; “don’t cover it, baby. It’s adorable.”


“Honey, if you are that worried, I could make you braces? I did it for me.” Donnie mumbled, stroking your arm as you lent against him, refusing to open your mouth. “I don’t want braces, Donnie. I want my tooth back,” You sulk, embarrassed by the gap between your teeth. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with your teeth.” Donnie practically whispered, the words hardly audible except to the two of you, “I think it’s perfect, like you.” 


“Shut up Mikey!” You chuckle, but at the same time you feel your face burn from how embarrassing this all was. How did you know, out of everyone, Mikey would be the one that would make you laugh, no matter how self-conscious you were about it. “So, are you saying at Christmas I can’t sing All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth?” That earned the nearest pillow being thrown straight into his adorable little face. “You sing that EVER and I’ll shove that mask so far up your arse you’ll be able to floss with it.” You retort, playfully narrowing your eyes at him. Mikey was silent for second, the expression on his face evidently showing his struggle to conceal laughter, at whatever you’d said. “I’m trying so hard not to joke about that.” Mikey mumbled through his lips which did their best to remain shut. “Joke about what?” You frown at him: “flossing.” And then you threw another pillow at him. 

  • What she says: I wanna smooch the turtle.
  • What she means: I want to make sure those four brothers have such a comfortable life I want to tuck them in and make them warm meals and knit them sweaters and make sure they TALK TO AND SUPPORT EACHOTHER and grow stronger in their relationships to eachother as a family and as a team I want to make them feel safe and valued because they live such a hardened life that they didn't choose and I want to do all in my power to make sure these four stay happy and understand that they are absolutely validated and loved.