2012 13


Klaine - White Christmas

Flashback to December 13, 2012

Glee episode 4X10 “Glee Actually”

This Day in 1D History - February 13


  • 1D in Sweden - SVT interview posted 
  • Lilo make Paul’s life a living hell (as usual lmao) at Heathrow 


  • Harry gets called out by the Metro (and steps up his Twitter game accordingly lmao)


  • Harry stops for a fan :)) 


  • Louis and Eleanor stroll Bondi Beach in Sydney :))
  • “Hon The Sons ! Yeeoooppp !” (via Niall’s Insta) 
  • Lilo hit up Eve bar in Melbourne! 


  • “Back in the school days …. Look at those jeans 😎” (via Louis’ Insta)
  • “Miss my boy ❤” (via Jay’s Insta)

The four really important characters to my story, their designs can have slight changes in the future (especially Kay lmao-)
I’ll talk about it shortly, so that there are no mistakes made. I can’t complain about people misunderstanding stuff if I don’t introduce it correctly!


The story takes place after a devastating war that occured a long time ago, where the world is trying to “repair” itself from all of it. Most countries are falling apart; governements too, the world being a mess and attacks being part of the daily life.
Public execution was one of the “trends”, to keep people in fear, so that they don’t want to rebel themselves against the current system.

Neige was one of those people that was going to be killed as a child, but got saved and escaped it because of Kay. While fighting against everyone, he noticed a strange ability to manipulate weapons of all kinds, and that’s how he’s gonna try to find out why.
Neige being part amnesic(?), she can’t help him to find out what happened in the past, but she will be an important part of everyone’s future…

anonymous asked:

Have you listened to that interview where Taylor talked about every song on 1989? I think it was for iheartradio, you can find it on YouTube. Anyway when she describes clean she doesn't talk about a relationship, she's talking about the hate fest of 2012-13 and how she felt tarnished and how her life wasn't hers. Her voice was kind of trembling and you can hear that she choked. I think clean is it actually about a relationship but it's just hard for her to talk about it so she "lies" about it

yes OF COURSE i have do u even know who i AM

1. i don’t think what she describes here is a “lie”or some sort of cover up. i think that writing the song which she describes in the interview below as being “about allowing yourself to really feel pain and then all of a sudden time passes and you’ve survived it and you’ve made it out the other side” was a major part of the emotional process she says she went through while writing and releasing 1989. the two descriptions of the song we have heard, one relating to moving on from a specific relationship and one relating to an emotional process (which forms the basis of pretty much all of the clean speeches) aren’t seperate they are inextricably linked. 

2. she’s really, really candid here and it’s one of the rare times she has opened up about the impact all the external talk about her personal life actually has on her and i find it super captivating 

from (11:14) 

clean is the last song on the album for a lot of reasons but mostly because it felt like a completion of this kind of emotional process i’d been going through for the last couple of years. You know i feel like… my personal life was really, really, discussed and criticized and debated and talked about to a point where it made me feel kind of almost…tarnished in a way you know… and the discussion wasn’t about music and it broke my heart that i had made an album that i was proud of and i was touring the world and playing to sold out stadiums and still they managed to want to only talk about…my personal life. At a certain point i felt a switch and it was at the end of recording this album, that i began to feel like…my life was mine again…and my music was at the forefront again and i was living my life on my own terms and i really no longer cared what people were saying about me and that was when i started to see people talk less about the things that didn’t matter….this song clean which is essentially about allowing yourself to really feel pain and then all of a sudden time passes and you’ve survived it and you’ve made it out the other side. 


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2012 || 2016: Eurovision Song Contest Winners in five years

2012: Sweden → Loreen (Euphoria)
2013: Denmark → Emmelie De Forest (Only Teardrops)
2014: Austria → Conchita Wurst (Rise Like A Phoenix)
2015: Sweden → Måns Zelmerlöw (Heroes)
2016: Ukraine → Jamala (1944)