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“In a world without gold, we might have been heroes!”
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Sorry if this is an obvious question or anything, but what exactly is "quiet borderline"? I've never heard of it until seeing one of your answered asks!

A quiet borderline is one who internalises their anger and takes it out on themselves, rather than expressing the anger to others. These links should explain!





Every Dan and Phil video in the London Apartment in order

I made a list of every single Dan and Phil video that they have uploaded since they first moved into their, (now old), London apartment. I have left out any YouTube Red videos but have included videos from all 6 channels, (danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, danisnotinteresting, LessAmazingPhil, DanandPhilGAMES and DanandPhilCRAFTS).

If you think the order is wrong or any of the links are incorrect please let me know and I will try to correct it.

(I spent WAY too much time on this but oh well)

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Dan’s Unlisted Videos

These are all of the unlisted videos on the channels danisnotonfire and danisnotinteresting that we know of as of 18/2/16. If there are any we may have missed, please submit a link to us here and they will be added. 

Aeroplane Adventures - with danisnotonfire - 28/02/10

Uncle Ken - 14/04/10


Dan Mail - 16/01/11

Dan Mail 2 - 03/03/11

PSYCHO FRENCH TEACHER - 22/04/11 (alt link for UK)

Dan Mail 3 - 11/05/11

I am Mexican. - 15/08/11

EPIC PRANK OFF! - 01/12/11

If Dan was a Superhero.. - 21/12/11

Narcoleptic Laptop - 03/02/12

Prank winners! - 03/02/12

SuperNote 2012 - THE LLAMARMY - 01/10/12


Dan and Phil SIM SURPRISE PHONE CALL - 18/12/14



White Cedar 

Woke up on lockdown one more time
My visions won’t ever learn
But I see the light that much clearer
Every time I return
Forge my armor in the old fire
My spirit sings loud and clear
Even in here

I’ll be reborn someday, someday
If I wait long enough

I don’t have to be afraid
I don’t wanna be afraid
And you can’t tell me what my spirit tells me isn’t true, can you

from Transcendental Youth (2012)

“[White Cedar]’s about accepting the permanence of one’s condition. The narrator is a guy who’s in and out of hospitals a lot. I’ve worked with people who’ve experienced that, and I always assume there has to come a point where it’s really hard, but then you try to find some way to be OK with it. There’s a lot of sadness in that song." 

- 2012-10-01 Pitchfork Interview

Earth is Singing Like a Whale, Says NASA — Hear it Now
Need some soothing sounds to put your Monday blues in perspective? We've got you covered.
By Chris Taylor

That’s the sound of the Earth “singing,” as recorded by the awesomely-named Storm Probe mission — a couple of satellites investigating the famous Van Allen belts, intense radiation zones that surround our planet like a doughnut. The Storm Probes, launched last month, are mapping the density of charged particles.

The whale song is an audio rendering of radio waves captured by the Probes and caused by the two Van Allen belts, inner and outer. You don’t actually hear the audio in space, of course, but the radio waves — known as “chorus” — are for real.