Kikuya 菊弥 of Yamagata. She was a Maiko from ca. 1999-2005 and is still a Geiko (she celebrated her 10-year Geiko anniversary in 2015)! The Geiko of Yamagata don’t get much media expousure - unlike the Maiko who are organized by a company (like in Niigata) and have a website where they are represented.

It seems Yamagata always had a rather small number of Geiko, there were around 150 of them in the late Taishô/early Shôwa period (1920′2/30′s). Like in many towns of Japan, the numbers of Maiko/Geiko became less and less. The Maiko whe can see these days are the result of some sort of traditional arts training program set up in 1996.

Image sources:
Maiko portrait blue (2003) - Maiko portrait yellow (1999)
greyscale portrait (2014) - full Geiko attire (2012)