This is an excerpt from Mitch Akselrad’s short film Americana: Prologue (20 min).

The film serves as a prologue to a feature script Akselrad is writing. The story is about an engineer who figures out the key to a new technology and decides to build the fastest roller coaster in the world with it. The short looks at the character’s fascination with the world of amusement parks and the origin of his love for roller coasters. Meanwhile, he tries to keep his girlfriend from leaving him.

This short excerpt features the resolution of Kyleen (Lauren Lopez) and Daryl’s (Darren Criss) emotional argument. It goes on to show Daryl taking the first steps in pursuing his dream.

I did the sound design, voice over recording, music recording/mixing, and final mix for the film.

The wonderful music you hear was composed and performed by Steve Metz with Antwaun Stanley and Emily Berman singing.

Posted on February 5, 2011

*was filmed before that, however as Darren was already on Glee with shorter hair


FBF: Funny Face Fluff

Yesterday’s shoot with VM reminded me of some of their past Character Fluffs.


Top 5 longest fics posted on AO3 this month

1. Teach Me, Life; Guide Me, Love by @kiraohara [E, 79.1k]

Revelations both painful and joyous set the markers in the path of every life. Thankfully, Draco has spectacular company for the journey. 
H/D Smoochfest 2011

2. eislean cuir stad air by Aquila_Star [E, 66.3k]

It is universally agreed that fate is inevitable, though sometimes it can hang on a precipice. It only takes a breath to tip the balance, but on which side will it fall? 
★ Bottom!Draco 2009: Fairytale Fest

3. the leaves talked in the twilight by Aquila_Star [M, 23.2k]

Just when you think you’ve stumbled into the wrong magic ritual… 

4. Heart in a Bubble by Aquila_Star [E, 21.5k]

“Love fills you with doubts, with uncertainties. Love changes, and it changes you. It grows as you do." 

5. Fading Away by VanessaWolfie [M, 16.7k]

Draco’s back at Hogwarts for eighth year. He knew it wouldn’t be heaven, but he never thought it would be hell. Will anyone save him from it? Does anybody care? What will it take? 
★ H/D Smoochfest 2011 

Bonus. Fireworks by @captn-sara-holmes [E, 14k]

Harry doesn’t want to hear anything Draco Malfoy has to say, but ignoring him and all the letters he sends probably isn’t the best idea he’s ever had, all things considered. 

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