• friend:my heart is broken
  • me:i'm so sorry
  • friend:yeah, it jus-
  • me:do you know who ELSE had a broken heart? brendon urie on february 8, 2011, almost two full years after ryan ross officially left the band, in a venue called bush hall in london, england, located on the island known as the united k

Back in 2011 I had an opportunity to art direct one of the mini games for a few months for Interactive. Sadly the entire division was shut down a few months later, but we accomplished a lot. Even within that limited time and for that..I’m proud of our small team! We had a rough 3D version up and running which was pretty cool to see everything coming together. Here is a small sample of some of the ideas I wanted to pushed. 

Dear diary, so it’s gonna be a 2011 rematch. I’m so pumped. Thinking I should start Abby, Rampone, Boxxy, & Chalups in this game. The sheer wealth of experience in those players will guide us to the win. I suggested this idea to the team in a meeting and a few threatened physical violence. Possible road bump. Will update.

DAY 1 Artist Alley TABLE A5 at Anime Expo 2015
Wow! My first con experience so far has been great! So many new faces and familiar ones as well! Anime Expo is what motivated me to make this tumblr blog back in 2011. It’s so unreal to actually be here selling my art! The artist alley is jam packed with so many talented artists that I look up to! I’ll have to make sometime just to go through all of it! My table buddy jonsaintamant has such awesome original stuff for sell! Be sure to check his stuff out!
Tomorrow I plan on going to the draw meet up, so if anybody is up for a quick art trade, I’ll be there with my brother!
Just a caution for fellow artists, Funimation did go around some booths and asked for certain pieces that infringed on their copyrights to no longer be displayed. Rest in peace Space Dandy poster. I will no longer be selling it at Anime Expo. Sorry if any of you were planning on buying it.

My favorite memory with Alex Morgan is last year when she was signing autographs after a Thorns game. She came to me and I told her “We can’t wait to watch you play in the World Cup!”. I thought she’d just smile and move on, but instead she replied “Me too! Well I don’t watch myself play, but you know..” and then she started laughing at her mistake for a good 10-20 seconds. If you’ve seen her smile or heard her laugh, you’ll know what I mean- it’s a very special moment.
Happy birthday Alex. You’re the reason I started watching the uswnt in 2011, and you’re one of the reasons that so many young girls watch women’s soccer today. You’ve inspired a nation, and I know you’ll continue to do so when you bring home that trophy on Sunday!

Mulcair, the redeemer?
An in-depth look at Tom Mulcair.

In Toronto at the 2015 Pride Parade, Tom Mulcair laid it on the line: “We have four more months of really hard work ahead of us, but watch us go. They said in 2011 we’d never break through in Quebec. They said this year that we’d never form a government in Alberta.”

“On October 19th we plan to form a government in Ottawa.”

Mulcair wore a rainbow-coloured, tie-died T-shirt. Nearby, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau also worked the crowd. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was nowhere to be seen.

The federal NDP leader tossed beach balls out and posed for selfies with parade participants to cheers and applause.

It was a classic Mulcair moment, one of many small public appearances that have boosted support for the NDP leader and led to the larger “Mulcair Moment” (coined by pollster Angus Reid in mid-June when Mulcair trounced his federal opponents in the polls).

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This is a really good read if you want to learn more about Tom Mulcair, NDP leader; its a biography piece of sorts and is quite interesting.