2. Merlin

I think it’s only fair to mention this as the second, it both fits in the timeline and… well, my second favourite, behind DW, or being ahead of it, sometimes. I started watching Merlin around May I think, which was also the time I joined tumblr (=increased fangirling). Needless to say, I’m a Merthur shipper and love everything about the series. The almost-ended fourth series is great, though darker than the previous ones but also a lot funnier. I have many favourite characters, but let’s stay with the most important ones.


Obviously, though I secretly prefer Arthur (and Bradley) - don’t blame me! Merlin is a great character and I loved to see him getting older and wiser through the years. I’m really waiting for the moment when Arthur finds out about his magic.


Well, I can’t say the same for Arthur, he didn’t get wiser in 4 years. BUT he became a king and maybe, just maybe, he’s a bit more mature. A bit.

I really like his relationship with Merlin (whatever it is), but he needs to be a prat. For the fans. What would we laugh at if not Arthur’s pants?


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I like Morgana, evil or not. She had the best rows with Uther, being the only one who was able to tell him to STFU and she’s so evil you cannot hate her. Being the gothic baddie of the current series, I hope (a little) that she manages to become queen of Camelot, who needs a prat as a king? :P


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The creepy little guy is one of Merlin’s many enemies. Well, rather Arthur’s, both in the legends and the series. (And we know they very rarely say the same!) But he’s creepy and does cool magic and I actually like him.

Sir Lancelot

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Lancelot is undoubtedly my favourite of the knights, this series he dies, comes back and dies again, while looking like Roger Federer. Enough said.

[Continuing the list tomorrow :) ]