Her back hit the wall a moment after his, the heels of her boots scraped across the floor as she slid down. The roar of the explosion they had just barely escaped still rang in her ears.

      The blond beside her leaned forward with his hands on his knees, his chest heaving.

      “You okay, Granger?” Malfoy rasped.

      Hermione could only manage a short nod before tilting her head back against the wall. Truth was, they were far from okay. They were surrounded and the raging fire would reach them if the Death Eaters didn’t.

      In her peripheral, she saw Draco cast out a blasting charm. The spell hit the wall across the room like an invisible wrecking ball, sending gravel and shattered bricks everywhere. Hermione groaned inwardly, there was no other way out and they had to jump. Ignoring the heaviness in her limbs, she pushed herself off the floor.

      Against her better judgment she looked up to find Malfoy staring at her. They held each other’s gaze for just a second longer before the building shook again, disturbing the dust around them.

      He readied his wand, “Ready?”

      Her lips thinned in grim determination and she did the same, “Let’s go.”

      They raced forward in a dizzying speed. Hermione braced herself for the leap when another explosion rang out, louder and angrier than ever before.

      Then suddenly, they were airborne. There was an excited flutter at the pit of her stomach from the feeling of weightlessness as she sailed out into the dead of night with Draco at her side.

posting for the few people asking about it. D= I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous to post something.

Day 7 - Dramione Epilogue

While I don’t doubt Draco is capable, I don’t know how far the Ministry would go in giving him a license to kill as an Auror. xD So I’ll say he’ll pick up the “family business” minus the dark stuff . >.>

Hermione goes the lawyer route in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. They both focus on their career, so Harry/Ginny, Ron/Pansy(haha sue me) get married first.

(see above and note my laziness in using old manip) In terms of children, I think it would be funny for them to first have two girls much to Narcissa and Lucius’ dismay. Scorpius comes third and all three are spoiled by Narcissa. Lucius is still a dick to Hermione, that’ll never change.

Married life won’t be smooth sailings for Draco and Hermione, they’ll argue lots and have lots make up sex. Eldest Daughter and Scorpius are Quidditch Fanatics. All three children are too smart and cunning for their own good.

The end. =3