Lord of the Skies & Bringer of Storms

“Among the Iroquois the fierce and sudden power that is thunder took on human form as Hino, guardian of the sky. In many other places, the spirit of thunder is believed to manifest itself as the Thunderbird, often represented as a huge eagle-like beast. This immense mythical creature, whose wings beat to make thunderclaps and whose eyes and beak generate and flash lightning, was credited with awesome powers of creation and destruction, though primarily associated with the rain that brings fertility.

Worshiped as a creator of new life, the Thunderbird was thought to inhabit craggy mountain peaks, from where it surveyed its vast hunting grounds. The Northwest Coast peoples believed it was among the chief gods of the sky, and large enough to swoop down on the ocean and carry off whales in its talons, flying inland to devour them.

People in that region believed Thunderbird was engaged in a continual battle with the malevolent spirits or serpents of the underworld- clashes which caused nature’s most violent phenomena such as earthquakes, floods, and great storms.

In many Plains cultures, the Thunderbird, which was known to the Lakota as Wakinyan, was regarded as a senior deity, second in rank only to the Great Spirit. There was a strong cult associated with personal experience of meeting him and images of the Thunderbird were frequently painted on shields, weapons, clothing, and tents in order to inspire courage. Anything struck by lightning was said to exert a particular spiritual power- to be avoided or venerated, depending on local tradition.”

-Larry J. Zimmerman’s The Sacred Wisdom of Native Americans, 2011. Pg 165.

Contact with McCartney actually continued, even though the two stars maintained a very distant public facade. Van Scyoc says “it was nothing for John to take a call from Paul right in the middle of the session and talk to him for ninety minutes while we took a break. And they were not fighting or arguing. They talked about family, about the search for Kyoko, about McCartney’s kids, trips they were taking. It was family stuff. And you would swear they were best friends.
—  Bassist Gary Van Scyoc on his experineces working with Lennon in late 1971 after him and Yoko had moved to New York. Excerpt taken from: Lennon- the definitve life (Tim Riley, 2011) (pg. 539)

The devil is reborn – and his adventures will leave you gasping for air! The Man Without Fear visits his unique blend of blind justice on Klaw, the Megacrime cartel and the Mole Man, while the hotly contested battle to secure the Omega Drive will require Daredevil to team up with Spider-Man and not one but two Punishers! But as size-changing scientist Hank Pym enters Matt Murdock’s head to destroy nanobots implanted by Doctor Doom, will saving Daredevil’s brain cost Matt his mind? Ghosts from the past will haunt DD, while Matt faces a life-or-death drama of his own. With new enemies, new friends and a “grinnin’ in the face of hell” attitude, Mark Waid delivers an Eisner Award-winning run like no other! Collecting DAREDEVIL (2011) #1-27 and #10.1, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1999) #677, AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #6 and PUNISHER (2011) #10.
728 PGS./Rated T+ …$100.00
ISBN: 978-1-302-90426-5
Trim size: oversized

my writing in 2014

general ao3 fic:

When I Know What I Need (15.5K, explicit, lirry, payneston, stayneston) Liam can’t stop thinking about Ben Winston, and Harry knows just how to make his dreams come true. This was posted in the beginning of January and I didn’t write anything longer or pornier all year. I’m nostalgic about this fic–one of my favorite pairings written for one of my favorite authors in what now feels like a simpler fandom era. 

The Answer is Niall (2.7K, explicit, nouis, nourry, houis) They’re watching This is Us again when Louis decides to get closer to Niall. Harry, coincidentally, has the same idea. I’m kind of cheating putting this on the list, because I wrote an earlier version in 2013. But I did clean it up and expand it a bit for the ao3 this year. 

Words With Friends (800w, haylor, g) Harry rings Taylor the morning after the 2013 VMAs. Another story written earlier but posted in 2014.

Something to Fall Back On (2.2k, ot5 + ben, pg) It’s 2011. In an alternate universe where One Direction is struggling, Ben Winston offers the boys a different kind of opportunity. This is the story about Ben’s secret boyband underground sex ring. Basically a chance for me to make lots of jokes about imaginary failed boyband One Direction. 


Lift (lilo, 4K, explicit) Liam and Louis try to get to the fifth floor. This was a combo of two tropes: stuck-in-a-lift and sex pollen. I love writing pairings where there’s some kind of conflict going on, and with 1D having such a lovey-dovey canon, xfactor lilo is one of the few places to find it.

Tower (ziam, 5K, g) As usual Zayn is unreachable: a fairy tale. Speaking of conflict, finding one was my main challenge in writing this fic. I didn’t want the story to end as soon as Liam extracted Zayn from the tower, but postponing that happy ending in a convincing way was a struggle.

Split (ziall, niallcest, 5.6K, explicit) Niall likes Niall. So does Zayn. The culmination of an obsession with Zayn/Niall/Niall that began long ago. I was fascinated with Niall’s complicated personality, and how the gentle sweetness of ziall as a ship would play out if Niall became simultaneously more assertive and more reserved.

One Hundred Per Cent (niam, 5.7K, explicit) Liam is 100% not gay, but Niall has a plan. Or, five times Niall came up with a ridiculous excuse for him to have sex with Liam and one time aliens did. This was my first time writing niam, and the quickest and the most fun tropegate story for me to write. I understand now why people love writing five times fic!

Wild (lirry, 9K, explicit) ‘He might not be virtuous, he might not be wise, but he would not allow any man to make him his toy.' A werewolf story set in Regency Cheshire. I realized at a certain point with this story that I was basically rewriting my debate au, but with added dubcon and Harry pov. Of all the fics I wrote for tropegate, this and Split are my favorites.  

short tumblr ficlets and nonsense:

ziam reincarnation fic (1.2K) ziam fall in love during: prehistory, alexander’s invasions, medieval europe, the age of sail, xfactor. 

ziall midnight memories (500w) I’ll come by for a drink, Zayn had promised.

plus: lirry stepcest 1 2 3 / zarry at uni / ziam - zayn’s jacket / houis - forever / narry - harry the kit boy / ziallam basketball / narry laundry / zarry crossdressing / narry lickmecleangate / nessie game of thrones / little zarriall on the prairie / mick greenbergziall leftie spreadsheet love story / guardian interview / narry a/b/o


four / 1989 / steal my girl

(my fic in 2013)

Thank you to everyone who gave me their help, support, and friendship this year. You are appreciated and loved ♥


Modernist choreographer Pina Bausch died suddenly in 2009 while Wim Wenders was in the midst of filming her. A groundbreaking visionary whose cogent and compelling work with Tanztheater Wuppertal transformed the history of dance, Bausch believed in blending the formal vocabularies of theater, dance, sound, and design. (2011; 103 minutes, rated PG)

Presented in partnership with the National Gallery of Art.

Thursday, August 14, at 7 p.m. at William G. McGowan Theatre.