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Gymnastics Legends (Part 1/): Kohei Uchimura, the greatest male gymnast of all time

  • the first gymnast, male or female, to sweep the major all around titles (Worlds & Olympics) in a quad (he has completed this feat twice)
  • 7 Olympic medals and 19 World medals
  • 6x All Around World Champion (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015) and 2x All Around Olympic Champion (2012, 2016)
  • 3x Olympic Champion and 10x World Champion
  • has been a world champion in the high bar, floor exercise, and parallel bars
  • competed a total of 23 routines at the 2011 World Championships in Tokyo (AA in TQ, TF, and AA final + 5 event finals)
  • 3x recipient of the Longines Prize for Elegance
  • 10x Japanese National All Around Champion (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
We don't have a "queen" in figure skating right now

Some people really have the nerve to call Evgenia Medvedeva  a “queen”. It’s inappropriate and a sign that people don’t take figure skating seriously anymore.

Who is the “queen” of sport: Someone who has a long, successful career- means many years of competing and winning medals and especially gold medals. Someone with good attitude, someone who is gracious, who acknowledge his rivals strengths, who understand his sport, who admits his own flaws, who is helping to make the sport better, someone who is humble.

But let us talk about Medvedeva. Last year was her first senior year and the ladies field in general was pretty weak, that’s why the russian federation had to push her- they needed a new “star”. Tuktamysheva, Sotnikova, Lipnitskaya, they are not in form, Pogorilaya was still the “queen of falls”, Radionova is inconsistent and sloppy (the judges are pretty clear about it since her first senior appearance), everyone else was still a junior. But Russia just got a new senior girl, the new junior champion (let’s be real, Wakaba Higuchi was robbed) the 16 years old Evgenia Medvedeva.

And figure skating suddenly changed.

Do you remember the times, when ladies figure skating was still ladies figure skating? Strong, elegant ladies with beautiful spins, strong jumps, choreography, emotions? That’s all gone now.

Podium European championships 2008:

Podium European championships 2011:

Podium World championships 2013:

What we have  now are underweight, sloppy, cheating russian children, yes, children, and inflated scores. Medvedeva is one of them. She is not a woman yet, she still has the body of a child, which helps her to jump, jump, jump, but that’s it. There are no emotions,  they told her where in the program she should open her mouth or make a grimace, she don’t understand the music she is skating to, there is no elegance. The same music every season, same movements, ridiculous pantomime, "tano jumps" all over the place. 

She is a robot.

Something changed: podium European championships 2014

Podium GPF 2015:

European championships 2016:

Medvedeva's  “world records” are meaningless, the scoring rules change every few years and the judges do whatever they want.

Let us talk about her attitude. Her 3-3-3 attempt (was under rotated anyway) at nationals and her “intentional zayaking"  at European championships 2017 are a sign of arrogance. Her message is ”look what i can,  i’m better than you“.

Her reaction after National championships and her 3-3-3 attempt:

The success has gone to her head. Her reaction in the k&c at Trophee de France 2016, when she saw her scores and it wasn’t a new world record, not even a SB or PB, speaks for itself. We saw her attitude at Rostelecom cup 2016, where she was in the audience and laughed at Radionova’s SP performance.

Trophee de France 2016:

Some people claim she has "nerves of steel” and is a “good competitor”. Well, she knows the judges will give her the scores she needs to win, no matter how her performance is going to be, that’s why she is not worried. She is too arrogant to worry.

And you say she is a “queen”? A queen of what?

But you know what they say: Who flies high, falls low

If she is still  on the podium in the next 10 years and is not skating like a junior, then we can call her a “queen”.


#TBT - McKayla Maroney defends her title on vault at the 2013 World Championships

After winning gold at the 2011 Tokyo World Championships, and silver at the 2012 London Olympics, McKayla Maroney successfully defended her title as vault world champion at the 2013 World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium, with a combined two-vault score of 15.724. McKayla managed to make a comeback to gymnastics after numerous injuries, the most serious being a fractured tibia, months after competing in the Olympics. The 2013 Antwerp World Championships would later be her last competition, capping off her successful elite career as a two-time vault champion.

The U.S. women’s hockey team beat Canada 3-2 in overtime in the gold medal game of the women’s world championship Friday night in Plymouth, Mich., capping a tumultuous few weeks in which the American players threatened to boycott the tournament as they negotiated a new contract with USA Hockey.

Hilary Knight was again the star of the show, scoring the game-winning goal 10:17 into OT. Per the Associated Press (via the Detroit Free Press), Knight also made a no-look, between-the leg pass to set up a goal by Kacey Bellamy that put the U.S. up 2-1 early in the second period. Bellamy scored the USA’s first goal, too.

Knight also scored the winning goal for the U.S. in the gold medal game at the 2011 world championship.

The USA’s best players nearly didn’t even compete in the 2017 tournament. With the tone of negotiations contentious, USA Hockey reached out to younger and lesser-caliber players to fill the roster. But a deal was struck March 28, three days before the puck dropped.

Under the new agreement, U.S. women’s hockey players earn more than $70,000 during non-Olympic years and as much as $129,000 in Olympic years, and also get perks like flying business class and staying in quality hotels, the AP notes.

“I’m so proud of this team for performing the way we did after battling the way we did off the ice,” said U.S. captain Meghan Duggan. “A lot of history was made.”

Friday’s gold medal victory marks the fourth straight world championship for the U.S. women.

Their sights are now set on the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. While the USA has beaten Canada in eight of their last 10 meetings, their neighbors to the north got the better of the Americans at the 2014 Games in Sochi, beating them 3-2 in overtime in the gold medal game.

For @eclecticpeacegarden Double win- on and off the ice for the women!

Source: sportingnews.com
Y’all need (Finnish Baby) Jesus

And by “Finnish Baby Jesus,” I mean Mikael Granlund.

(x) Dat hair flip though. #Finnishflow (Also, hey Teemu!

I, personally, prefer his pre-draft hair, 

but there’s also this look, if you’re into that. You do you.

(look at Mikko, too, awwww that smile)

So, anyway, Granny’s face is generally pretty derpy.

This is your “I just won some hockey thing look at these nice flowers” face? Ok (x)

Actually, it’s not just his face. 

Kind of his… everything. 

What is happening here?? (x)

Have some Granny bowling like a granny (finger guns at mikkegrannylove for that caption)

He actually looks pretty decent here. (Although it could be dat gold medal, let’s be honest.)

But, anyway, how could you not love this precious



(How does this post not have 8 bajillion notes?)

As I said previously, Granny and Mikko have a very special relationship that makes me feel things. (see more here)

Also, this happened and it was great. Look at our tiny little FBJ with Nino and Charlie. 

Now, on to the biggest reason we adore him. 

(x) Kid can put the puck awayyyy

This lacrosse goal from the 2011 World Championships made him so popular in Finland that they put in on a fucking stamp.

The broadcaster’s comments were made into the song “Taivas varjele” that made it to #2 on the Finnish Singles Chart the week it was released. 

So, yeah, he’s pretty great. 

He will fulfill all your Finnish Baby Jesus needs. 

Aliya’s floor appreciation post #1

Because I’m bored af

2010 Russian Cup, 14.970

2010 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships QF, 14.833 (5.8)

2010 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships AA, 15.033 (5.9)

2011 AT&T American Cup, 13.666 (idgaf about the fall, I still can’t believe she pulled a 3.5 out of her ass and also that choreo is gorgeous)

2011 European Artistic Gymnastics Championships QF, 14.525 (5.8)

To be continued…

Aliya’s UB appreciation post #1

2010 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships EF, 15.600 (6.8)

2011 AT&T American Cup, 15.766 (6.9)

(from 1:00) 2011 Bercy World Cup PT (she has never done this in competition, but that combo was wild af)

2012 European Artistic Gymnastics Championships TF, 15.833 (6.9)

2012 Summer Olympic Games AA, 16.100 (7.0)

To be continued


In honour of her retirement, here are Phan Thị Hà Thanh‘s bronze-winning vaults from the 2011 World Championships. She qualified in last and came away with a medal!


[Yuzuru Hanyu A - Z] E for East Japan Earthquake

The East Japan Earthquake – followed by a Tsunami – took place on March 11, 2011, killing over 15.000 people and injuring over 6.000 people, with more than 2.000 people still missing to this day.

Sendai – which is Yuzuru’s home town – was close to the epicenter of the quake, and one of the worst hit cities.

Yuzuru was 16 years old and as Japan’s first replacement candidate for the 2011 world figure skating championships he was training on the ice of his home rink in Sendai.

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