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It's funny that whenever I post anything about social injustice or race... I always have a debate with my white sister(I'm Asian).
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  • Me: It's funny when you hear little to nothing about the Vancouver Riot(2011), Penn State Riot(2011), Keene State(2014), just to name a few. These riots don't consist of criminals, thugs, or even seen as violent at times. They're seen as celebrants, revelers, fans. But once a group of colored people come together to bring social injustice to the forefront, it's instantly seen as a riot full of thugs, criminals, or in many peoples' words... as animals. ‪#‎Baltimore‬ ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ ‪#‎FreddieGray‬
  • Sister: I think any uprising that results in looting, vandalism, and crime is not ok...ever. No matter your race. If you break laws you are a criminal. Two wrongs don't make a right. What ever happened to making the world a better place? #alllivesmatter
  • Me: I never said that rioting is the right thing to do. I’m just bringing to light how the media and society portrays rioting depending on the people that are within the group and the reason for the riots. Two wrongs do not make a right.
  • Many people aren’t seeing what is happening in Baltimore other than what the media is showing. They are ignoring the fact that many people are not committing crimes. Groups of people are waking up early and cleaning up the aftermath of what is happening, but the media is not showing this. They are showing the violence, the looting, the vandalism. They aren’t showing the tens of thousands of peaceful protestors. Not everyone is rioting and in support of the riots. The media allows you to see what they want you to.
  • And yes, #AllLivesMatter. They really do, but it undermines the reason for #BlackLivesMatter. This is a movement to show the injustice and maltreatment that Blacks have experienced and still are experiencing. #BlackLivesMatter is to show that all lives do matter, but many times Blacks have been targeted unfairly in society. It is to show that they should be treated as equals. Our society is still color conscious.
  • And when it comes to making the world a better place… it’s hard to say if it will ever truly be better, but sometimes bad things need to happen to show that change is needed.
  • “A riot is the language of the unheard” - Martin Luther King Jr.

2014: San Fransisco Giants in the World Series.

2011: Vancouver Canucks lose in Stanley Cup finals

2015: Ohio State University wins the NCAA football championship

1999: Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl

1993: Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup finals

2011: Penn State coach sex offender Joe Paterno fired over child sexual abuse scandal

1984: Detroit Tigers win the World Series

1992: Chicago Bulls win the NBA championship

2004: Boston Red Sox win the American League Championship Series

2014: Keene, N.H. Pumpkin Festival.

Perhaps if communities of color rioted over sports games, pumpkins and child sex offenders instead of when their youth are killed & terrorized by law enforcement without reform or justice, they wouldn’t be vilified and labeled thugs by the media?

  • Edler 2011: Edler's responsibilities now that he's back extend beyond his actual play. Last season, when the defenseman asked to have a bigger role on the team, he was given the task of letting the players know when it was time to go on the ice prior to games.
  • "He's got that still and he takes a lot of pride in it," fellow defenseman Kevin Bieksa said, grinning. "He's like ‘let's go… let's go boys' in his little voice. I think for right now, that's enough responsibility. He's like a first-round draft pick, you don't want to rush him along too quickly or it could hurt him, right? He gets this and he feels comfortable with it right now. Maybe next year we can mix in a secret handshake or something like that."
  • Edler 2015: Several years ago, Bieksa revealed that players had given Edler the chore of watching the clock before the game and announcing in the dressing room when it was time to go on the ice. And Edler would do this by saying something snappy like: “OK, guys, it’s time to go on the ice.”
  • “Well, not in so many words,” Bieksa says. “He doesn’t need other jobs because he’s so good at that one.”

Bill Reid, “The Raven and the First Men,” Wood Sculpture, University of British Columbia Anthropology Museum, Vancouver, 2011.

Reid is arguably the finest sculptor and perhaps the best artist Canada has produced, and this is surely one of his best works. Large, it is haunting to contemplate as well as beautiful to look at.


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  taylorswift my beautiful sister Tameka and I will cherish these tour memories forever! We love seeing you every two years! Can’t believe the show has already come and gone! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Can’t believe it’s going to be another two years till we get to see you again! We really really hope to meet you next time! We love you Taylor!