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July 22nd 2011: Norway terror attacks

On this day in 2011, the 7/22 attacks occurred in Oslo and Utøya, Norway. In Oslo, a car bomb was set off near prominent government buildings killing eight people and injuring 209. The second attack under two hours later in Utøya took place at a Norwegian Labour Party (the ruling party) youth summer camp on the island. There, a gunman killed 69 and injured 110. Four days after the devastating events, 150,000 Norwegians gathered in Oslo carrying roses in memory of those who were killed in the attacks. Anders Behring Breivik, a right-wing extremist, was arrested on Utøya island and subsequently found guilty of both attacks. The brutal attacks were the deadliest in Norway since World War Two and three years on we remember all of the 77 victims of this senseless violence.

“Evil can kill a human being but never defeat a people”
- Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg after the attacks


November 8, 2017


By Alice Pasquini

“The work of Rome-Based artist, Alice Pasquini is filled with humanity” says Street Art Is Everywhere.  “The expressive faces of the characters brim with emotions.” Pasquini has visited more than 100 cities around the world “narrating feminine vitality,” drawing people around her as part of what she calls “the diary of my life, but also the diary of humanity” and often including her sketches in her mural work. In 2011 Pasquini was in Oslo, Norway where she painted this lovely addition to the Grünerhagen kindergarten on Nedre Gate. @alicepasquini  @visitoslo  

“I´m killing Anders Breivik” 

“Ich Töte Anders Breivik” (I´m killing Anders Breivik) is a 2012 Rap-Song from german artist Grim104 in which he describes how he travels back in time to kill Anders Breivik to prevent him from doing the 2011 Utoya/Oslo terror attacks in which 77 people died.
Therefore he sacrifices himself by becoming a murderer of an innocent man. 

//Netflix is making a movie about the terror attack in Oslo in 2011. I was in town, I still remember what I saw, what I heard and what I smelled like it was a day ago. The way the air reeked of gasoline after the car bomb. How I had never been so afraid in my whole life and thought I was going to die. I was luckily not injured more than a small cut on my head from shards from a shattered window. The asshole who blew a hole in my home also killed 67 people mostly teenagers. Just cause it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be made. We fought the assholes view with solidarity and love. I still jump and feel fear hearing fireworks and the likes, but it’s time to face our new reality. I just don’t understand why people want Netflix to stop the movie you can’t just hide it under the rug cause you are offended by it. It has to be spoken about, to show the asshole who’s rotting in jail we are not afraid of him or those like him.