2011 october

Louis’ hand.

I forgot about this angle of the dancing video from October 2011, and I am having a hard time surviving right now.

Harry guzzling champagne while Louis’ hand rests gently on his hip.

And here’s where Louis comes up behind Harry. You can see him reach out and put his hand on the small of Harry’s back…

And finally, the conga line lead by James Corden with Louis behind Harry, a steady hand on Harry’s hip…

’[George] told me that his mind focused on letting go, leaving his body in the way that he wanted to go,’ Olivia [Harrison] said. ‘He thought that he was being murdered [on 30 December 1999], and he didn’t want to die on someone else’s terms. He told me, “I was lying there, thinking, I can’t believe this is happening! Well, I’d better just start getting with God, preparing.”’
[…] 'I was just so impressed by George when he told me that that was what he’d been thinking,’ she said. 'But I was not ready to be killed. That’s when I came in with the fire poker.’
—  Vanity Fair, 3 October 2011 (more here)            

Yes They Can!

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake photographed by Michael Thompson, styled by Edward Enninful; W magazine October 2011.

I just wanted to take a minute to share this. On the left was at my college graduation party, in October of 2011. The right is today, 5 years and 1 month later. Half of a decade has passed since I was that person on the left and it’s almost impossible to believe. Five years, wow…in that time I have changed so many things in my life. I ended a relationship/engagement that made me ultimately miserable. I cut out drinking and partying more often than not. I also got LASIK surgery and ditched the glasses, too. I spent time with myself being single & figuring out what made Autumn, well, Autumn. I learned to love myself and make myself happy, and then I met Shawn. He’s the only human I ever want to spend my life with. You’ve got to love yourself before anyone else but that makes it all the sweeter. I’ve learned just how to fuel my body & feed it healthily while still enjoying life and food in general. Additionally, I have fallen in love with fitness; CrossFit to be more specific. And I was finally able to free myself from the loose, excess skin that comes with major weight loss. I have spent this last half of a decade making a better version of myself. And I can promise that I will only improve from here.😌