2011 look back


@crabbng‘s bnha fantasy au is a blessing in general and Kiri’s fancy clothes are a blessing in particular

fancy clothes call for some fancy dancin’ dontcha think?


people who talk shit about them dont know how long and how hard it took them to get to where they are today


“Y/N, how long have you and Tom been together?”

You look at your long-term boyfriend and pretend to look confused. “When did we film the first Thor film?”

“Uh, filmed in 2010 and the film came out in 2011.”

You look back at the host. “Since 2010. We met on set, and I just decided that he was cute and that I was gonna keep him,” you joke. 

“Did you really say that?”

Tom chuckles. “I think Y/N’s actual words were… What were they, darling?”

“You don’t remember?” you tease. “They should be tattooed on your heart forever, Tom Hiddleston!” You give an exaggerated roll of your eyes. “Oh, well. The actual conversation went like this - as you seem to have forgotten, babe - ‘Tom, are you single?’, ‘uh, yes’, ‘well, not for long’.”

“Klance shippers remind me of Destiel shippers. Both harass the actors and fans over their ships, they can’t tag correctly, they refuse to take criticism over canon problems w/ their ships and both are so insecure about their ship that they create a smear campaign about any rival ship, canon or noncanon. Honestly it’s like 2010 all over again.”           


Grace now and then


Years & Years - The Whale, 2011

[TRANS] 2PM AERA May ‘16 Interview

「For 5 years, we received a lot of love from our Japanese fans」– (Jun.K)

Though they are called the “beast idols,” they are actually a group of good young men who are polite and playful. 5 years since their Japanese debut. For them to welcome the next 5 years as 6 members, they made a big decision.

Entering the room where the interview will be held, Jun. K greeted us from afar while standing on tiptoes. During the photoshoot, Nichkhun was asked by Junho who was beside him to give distance. Nichkhun pantomimed making a wall and pretended to be lonely. Ninagawa Mika, who was turning the camera, murmured “Cute!” unconsciously.

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I joined the kpop world in 2011 and never looked back. It’s honestly one of the best when it comes to variety of music and style. The one and only thing I can’t stand is how idols are treated. I understand the need to get noticed and having full schedules but I wish the companies could respect their artists more. I really didn’t want to say this but I think they need to adopt a western kind of approach when dealing with their idols. A little freedom and independence isnt a lot to ask for.