2011 in movies

i used to ship kermit and miss piggy hardcore up until i discovered the tumblr muppet fandom, but i’ve become really disillusioned with it as of late. it’s still a cute ship and it’s as iconic as mickey and minnie or gomez and morticia, but i really preferred how it was written in the 2011 muppet movie and muppets most wanted. the new show was good, but their relationship was just… really rushed along, you know? denise got shoved out of the picture and it didn’t feel like a totally permanent fix. give me that 2011 - 2014 kermit/piggy please!!!

and i think i ship kermit with rowlf now because i identify so heavily with kermit and I’M gay, so i like the idea of him being gay too. or bi. really just with some same-sex attraction of any kind. i wanna find happiness with a big strong woman, so i project onto kermit by shipping him with a big strong man.

idk this is. VERY rambly and i’ve had muppets on the brain lately