2011 hair trends

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There are 2 haircuts that will never go out of style: long and the “bob."  The ever classic "bob” hairstyle is a top trend for 2011.. Anyone seen Jennifer Anniston’s new summer cut?  Great shots in July 2011 Marie Claire…

If you’ve considered chopping off your long locks, now is the time!  AND don’t miss the opportunity to donate your hair to women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments.

It takes at least 6 ponytails to create one wig.  I’m sending off 6 bundles of hair today to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

The hair must be at least 8" long to donate.

Wavy/curly texture hair is acceptable

Previously colored (not bleached) hair is also acceptable

Hair must be ponytailed and always best to go through a stylist who can give you a great style afterwards! 

Call for an appt today!

Kelly @ Studio 8, 442-2611

just a trim, a little off the top

everyone breathe in the new look and feel of the blog. good right? no? don’t like it? let me know why and then i can tell you the 10 + reasons on why this layout is awesome including, there is an archive section and a “like” button to help share posts with your Facebook friends. share it so we can all have better days looking at blogs and NOT doing work.

as promised im doing my second post this week, but to be honest i haven’t had a lot of one-on-one time with my computer. we’ve had a falling out and ive been cheating on him a lot with real time things like spin class, manicures and taco bell.

so instead of a large post with a similar topic, im going to do just a little one… just a trim post. no theme, no nothing, just awesome pics of hair to think about.

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