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Hello! Could elaborate on the context of the "I'd still s-s-struggle handling him in the night." line? Thanks!

Nov 2011: Capital FM Interview. <I am going to use a very good analysis that I found on Youtube but has been deleted since. But I kinda have the video still. Transcript by me, comments taken from the analysis I mentioned.>

Watch the video, because Louis’ high-pitched voice and Harry’s barking laugh are golden!!!

Int.: If you were a girl for a day which member of the band would you want to date?
Louis: Is this just for one day?
Int <agrees>
Harry: For one day I think I would definitely date Louis ‘cause I think I’d just have fun with him.
Louis: is this the day and the night or..?
Int: Er.. let’s go with the day and the night. Does that change things Harry?
Harry: uuuhhh.. not sure… then 100% confident
: I don’t think so. I think I think I would show you a good time.

Please note his <fake> hesitation in answering there. Louis on the other hand insists on being a bit less obvious:

Int: What about you Louis, you’re gonna return the favor or you’re going with.. Zayn?.. <hesitates>: Or… Liam?
Louis: errrr
Int: … Niall …
Louis: I have to pick one?

In case you missed it, let’s review that I-really-want-to-pick-you-because-you’re-my-boyfriend-and-I-love-you-but-we’re-not-supposed-to-be-this-obvious face one more time. Just for fun. And he snickers. And the high-pitched-voice-he-only-uses-for-Harry of doom.

Louis: <still very much hesitating.>
Harry: What about one for the day and one for the night?
Louis: that is a good idea!
Louis: oomph.. <undecided>
Harry: No pressure.

No pressure Louis. I am only your boyfriend. But go ahead. Take your time. No biggie. I only answered AS SOON AS he asked the question, even though no one even called on me. But no pressure.

Louis: ah.. haha <hesitant>
Louis: I would take <finally has an idea, points finger at Zayn and snickers, proud of himself> This is good. 
Louis: <smug face>: I’d take Zayn for the day… ‘cause I don’t think I’d be able to handle him in the night….. I’d take Harry for the night
Harry: Thanks man.

What I really meant was: YAY, thanks babe, I love you! But apparently we are being subtle so…  Yeah thanks man.

Louis: However.. I’d s-still s-s-st-struggle with handling him in the night.

<After this Harold laughs a very manly laugh out loud> Well. he has never been able to be subtle, has he?

Int: how do you know you’d struggle with handling him in the night?
Louis: I just mean the way that vibrant personalities …may.. er.. (it was hard to understand this). Er..
Harry: … tire you out
Louis: … confuse me (what I heard)
Harry: Oh.
Int: and also party quite hard? Is this what it is about?
Louis: <confident voice>: No.

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