2011 cup of russia

Yuzuru’s exhibition performances (my favorite)

My previous post about his competitive performances: http://chibura.tumblr.com/post/154859420700/yuzurus-best-competitive-performances-my

Yuzuru is very versatile. He can perform to USUK pop, rock, lyrical, classical, jazz, Broadway, Japanese traditional music… and still makes it works. Below are some of his performances in ice shows and galas that I like.

1) Hana wa saku (Flowers Will Bloom):
NHK produced the song “Hana wa Saku” (Flowers Will Bloom) to build public support for the “March 11 2011 disaster” recovery efforts. The disaster happened in Yuzuru’s hometown and it affected him and so many people. Yuzuru performed to this song with so emotionally and got a standing ovation for it: https://youtu.be/sGdx9EaMXqA

2) Change
This performance shows the cool and energetic side of Yuzuru. The song was performed by his favorite rock band. Yuzuru is actually a young man who loves rock and fast/strong music. He loves dancing and making cool movements. This is the childlike and energetic side of Yuzuru: https://youtu.be/x_QJo3ItJFI

3) Hana ni nare (Become a Flower):
This amazing song also has a connection to the “March 11, 2011 disaster”. This performance shows the naturally delicate and elegant side of Yuzuru. He is like a fairy in this performance: https://youtu.be/QRqGb3zH9xU

4) Swan
It was the legendary coach Ms. Tatiana Tarasova who suggested Yuzuru the song “Notte Stellata (The Swan)” by Il Volo and sent a CD to him. She sent him a CD with this song as a present. Yuzuru accepted this request and had David Wilson to choreograph for him. For this performance, Yuzuru wants to express “the feeling of embracing everything gently and moving forward”: https://youtu.be/Hm_s-nBSORE

5) Hello I love you
This exhibition program was choreographed by Kurt Browning, 4 time World Champion, the legendary Canadian who adores Yuzuru a lot. He really loves the cool and manly side of Yuzuru. Kurt said he loved choreographing for Yuzuru as Yuzuru hit exactly the music notes and the choreographic movements he’d like Yuzuru to do. This is a very manly Yuzuru: https://youtu.be/zhFL_HBNDwE

6) Story
This was the exhibition Yuzuru did when he won his first GPF title in 2013. Everything bigger started from this competition. This was the beginning of the journey. The British commentators said “he was destined for great things”: https://youtu.be/27y8IgCcsBY

7) Time traveler
This song was originally written in Japanese. The singer later rewrote it in English so Yuzuru can skate to it in international galas. Please notice that Yuzuru never skates to Japanese lyrics outside of Japan. He looks really like a prince here in this performance. He did 4T and 3A in this ice show in a very small rink. Usually, skaters do not do such difficult jumps in ice shows. But Yuzuru is Yuzuru after all, he always likes showing off: https://youtu.be/E3th5CFvoOY

8) Requiem of Heaven and Earth
This exhibition performance Yuzuru did at the gala of World Championship 2016 at Boston. The music was also dedicated to the Earthquake victims. Yuzuru was badly injured at this point. His left foot was swollen badly and he was forced to rest from training for the whole summer. No ice show, no practice, no skating, no jump at all for several months. When he resumed his training again, it was incredibly hard as he had to relearn technique from the single jumps. This is a very emotional skate: https://youtu.be/9Fvzo6DkbMo

9) Somebody to love
This is Yuzuru at age 16 when he won his first GP title - Rostelecom Cup in Russia 2011. This Yuzuru was an energetic kid and the pressure did not get to him at this point: https://youtu.be/NhXJkoXiBp4

10) Sometimes skaters reuse their competitive programs as exhibition programs. For example, Yuzuru reused a part of his Romeo and Juliet 1.0 free skate at World Championship 2014 gala. This performance did not a supernova like what happened in Nice in 2012 but it was nostalgic and beautiful nevertheless: https://youtu.be/DEHbk60QzjM

11) Yuzuru skated to White Legend short program at Sochi Olympic Gala after winning the gold. This music is actually an arrangement of Swan Lake, maybe that’s why he thought Russian audience would appreciate it. It was also the first program Yuzuru performed after the big earthquake so it has much meaning to him: https://youtu.be/_8TLD10Rzug

12) Parisienne Walkway at World Team Trophy 2015 gala. This was the ending of a crazy season in which Yuzuru had to suffer a back injury before Finlandia which resulted in a withdrawal, a collision at CoC 2014, surgery right after National, bad ankle injury right before World Championship. It was like a promise that he would reborn and become stronger: https://youtu.be/hZFROWbQyIY

Photos were collected over the years so I do not know the source, sorry.

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Aliya’s floor appreciation post #1

Because I’m bored af

2010 Russian Cup, 14.970

2010 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships QF, 14.833 (5.8)

2010 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships AA, 15.033 (5.9)

2011 AT&T American Cup, 13.666 (idgaf about the fall, I still can’t believe she pulled a 3.5 out of her ass and also that choreo is gorgeous)

2011 European Artistic Gymnastics Championships QF, 14.525 (5.8)

To be continued…


Dec 2011 TV programme– Yuzuru Hanyu’s “Voice”

Daisuke Takahashi says Hanyu-kun is amazing and is likely to compete in World Championships this season.
Hanyu wins GP series Cup of Russia by 0.03 points (Nov 2011), and qualifies for the GP Final. The 2nd year high school student who shocked the world.
“How did I win?? Honestly speaking, I did have the feeling in my heart. If you look at it calmly, even though I had a mistake on my quad, my triple axel-triple toe was done well. Other parts were also done properly. These are small parts, but I won by these small parts. The difference was very little.”

This new force attracted everyone’s attention.
He started skating in Sendai’s ice rink from the age of 4 and progressed steadily. Sendai’s famous talented young skater who admired Plushenko and copied his hairstyle.
Young Hanyu: “Because we have not yet won the men’s event at the Olympics, so I want to win it.”
Yes, his dream is to be Japan’s first men’s figure skating Olympic gold medalist. A boy with a very thin body, but a very strong heart.

Japan Junior champ in 2009; World Junior champ in 2010. There is a reason behind this success….. a secret memo.
“I’m not sure if I want to show it to you…… I wrote this.” (shows a piece of paper with numbers.) “These are the GOE and points that I want to get. Realistically speaking, it is not possible to get this level. But since I’m writing down my goals, it’s better to make it higher. I think writing them down concretely will also make it easier to achieve them. I am very much the science and maths type.”

Last season, he moved up to senior level. Aiming for an Olympic gold for Japan, he wants to compete with the world’s top skaters. He acquired a quadruple jump as his weapon. With Sendai as his stronghold, he aims for the world’s highest point.

However on 11 March 2011, the 2nd year high school student faced a very harsh test that nobody expected… the great earthquake in eastern Japan. On that day, he was practising in the Sendai rink as usual.
“There was nothing I could do. I felt helpless. I didn’t know what I should do.”
The important home rink was damaged and he spent 4 days at an evacuation centre. He decided to continue skating and managed to find another rink for practice. Away from his hometown, his heart felt like it would break. What supported him were the words of a song.
“The lyrics are like, let’s try starting from what you can do well.  I got a lot of courage from that.”

Sendai’s artistes, Hi-Fi Camp’s song “R”.
Lyrics: ‘The things that I can do
Surely anyone can do them too.
So then what should I do?
It does not feel right to do nothing
Let’s start with what I am able to do.’

He participated in a charity ice show to support disaster recovery.
Speech:On March 11, I experienced a big earthquake that has never been seen before. I want to do my best, in my performance. Even if it’s small, I just want to do my part.”
Now, doing what he can do, doing the only thing he can do, Hanyu who has lost his home rink, moves from place to place all over Japan to continue skating.

A late school opening ceremony at Tohoku High School. Bit by bit, life started to return to normal. 25th July, the day that he was waiting for came. After 4 and a half months, he is back at his home rink.
“It feels the same as always.” (laughs)
To the little girl: “Haven’t seen you in a long time! Are you well? Have you been practising properly?”
As always… he can skate here again.
“I touched the ice, and my first step in… I was so moved that I almost cried…. really…. the feeling that I have returned. I just want to practise intensely, anything, it doesn’t matter. I want to practise my heart out.”
Hanyu regained something that he had lost; his skating had become a little stronger.
“… I think my range of emotions has widened and my limit for pain has increased. I think I am able to express those emotions. ”

Dec 2011(GP Final), Hanyu who just celebrated his 17th birthday, did a perfect quadruple jump. Competing with 5 of the world’s top skaters, he fought to the end.
“I did a very good free skate which even in practice is usually not this good. This is what I’m happiest about.”

[my note: This was his first GP Final and he took 4th place.  3 months later, he competed at his first World Championship and took the bronze.]

–my translation

Aliya’s UB appreciation post #1

2010 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships EF, 15.600 (6.8)

2011 AT&T American Cup, 15.766 (6.9)

(from 1:00) 2011 Bercy World Cup PT (she has never done this in competition, but that combo was wild af)

2012 European Artistic Gymnastics Championships TF, 15.833 (6.9)

2012 Summer Olympic Games AA, 16.100 (7.0)

To be continued

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Special feature on Hanyu and Machida before GPF 2014


Yuzuru Hanyu who just turned 20 on 7th of this month (Dec) and Tatsuki Machida who is 4 years older.

YH says:  “I think we raise each other up to higher levels.   As a rival and a senior that I respect, I look up to him.”

TM says:  “He is always expanding his own limits and the limits of figure skating.  I really respect him for that." 

Actually, the two of them debuted in the GP series in the same year (2010).  Thinking back, Machida says: "It was our debut GP season.  I was 2nd from last.  Hanyu-kun also didn’t do well.  We both received a seniors’ baptism.” (laughs)

2010 GP series Cup of Russia, Machida was 11th and Hanyu was 7th.  (At that time, Machida=20 years old, Hanyu=15 years old.)   Right after the competition, they made this pledge. 

YH:  “I didn’t perform well and so I am full of regrets.  I’m thinking, I want to come back next time, come back to take revenge.  I want to become stronger and better and come here again."  (my note: He really won Cup of Russia the very next year in 2011.)

Since then, the two have grown up together, and were a motivating force for each other.   Last season, they competed at their first Olympics.  Machida was in 5th place and Hanyu won the first gold medal in men’s figure skating for Japan.   Then at World Championships in March, the two had a fierce fight that would go down in history.  Machida’s moving short program was in first place.  After the free skate, (at kiss&cry, Yuzu: "I won? I won?”)  Hanyu beat Machida very narrowly and won the gold.  The Japanese men achieved 1st and 2nd place. 

TM: “Without his presence, I think I could not have performed to that extent at the Olympics and the World Championship.  So I am very grateful to him and I respect him.”

YH: “At Worlds, I am first and he is second.  As such, there is a rule that we will not be in the same competition during the GP series.  So I thought the next time we meet would probably be at the GP Final.  I myself can’t wait to compete at the Final and so I would like to meet him soon.”

The new season is here and the GP series start.  Machida is first in Skate America and 2nd in Trophee Bompard, qualifying for the final for the 3rd consecutive year.   On the other side, Hanyu had an accident but with the strong desire of wanting to go to the final, he skated to the very end, impressively gaining the ticket to the GP Final for the 4th consecutive year.

9 months after competing to be the top at Worlds, the two meet at the GP Final in Barcelona and will fight for the gold medal. 

TM: “Qualifying for the final 3 years in a row, I’ve learned a lot.  I want to make full use of that and devote all my energy and attention to give a complete performance.”

YH: “I went all out and pushed myself to be able to come here and so I am confident.   Having driven myself hard, I’m looking forward to seeing the extent to which I can show the results of that hard work.  I want to give it my best and enjoy it.”

Tatsuki Machida and Yuzuru Hanyu, they will be writing a new page in the history of the two of them. 


GPF short programme [Yuzu getting ready to skate]:

Japanese commentators:  The strongest skater is 1st to go.  Everyone must be concerned.  He said that he sees himself as a challenger but the gaze of his rivals and everyone present is on him, the gold medalist for the Olympics, the World Championship and last year’s GP Final.   Now, to give 100% to what he is capable of, as he always does.

[Yuzu’s performance]

Some of the Japanese commentators’ words after the performance:
- it felt like an announcement that he is back!
- 1st one to skate and he has heated up the whole place!
- (at kiss&cry) it’s the first time this season that Hanyu has this kind of smile.
- Hanyu’s marks, 94.08. are the highest in the world this season!

[end of video]

Translated by me.
Thanks to sedecca sun for the video.