2011 characters

Soooooo… seeing as I’m a permanent resident of Hunter X Hunter Hell, I ended up writing a song that was heavily inspired by the relationship between Killua and Gon.

Here’s the lyrics incase they aren’t clear enough.

We’re so different
But I can’t let you know that you’re my weakness
‘Cause somebody would surely
Use it against me
And I’d gladly throw my life on the line
Just to stay by your side.

You see
This facade is all that I’ve got
Going for me
The only thing protecting me
While I kill myself
Protecting you.

I need you
To keep me conscious
To pull me back from the darkness
I’ve found my purpose
My love my lightning

The beating of my heart is erratic
'Cause I’m not sure of how you’re feeling
About me
Do I deserve your love?


I’m falling down
Down a dark path
And it’s against all I’ve ever known
I can’t pretend that it didn’t hurt
When you said that you’d walk alone.


We’re so different
But I can’t let you know that you’re my weakness.


hey, remember two weeks ago when i said i bought something cool and would give more deets when it arrived in the mail? i finally got it today!

this is an illustration collection by hidehiko sawada, a key animator on hxh 2011. it was sold at comiket 87 back in 2014, so limited quantities were produced.

anyway, it’s 40 pages of gorgeous artwork featuring almost every character in 2011. seeing as how it’s almost impossible to get a hold of (and incredibly expensive if you do happen to find it from a third party seller) i’d like to scan it.


This scene just gets me. I love it because of all the things I thought Gon would say it was not “thanks”. He acknowledges that trying to save Kite at that moment by fighting Pitou was going to get them killed, or in other words, his incredibly rash reaction to fight was wrong for the circumstances despite its justifiable emotional response. Also, for all those people who say Gon and Killua’s relationship is completely one-sided, he actually expresses gratitude towards Killua for saving him from his own selfish and impulsive actions afterwards. So instead of dwelling on the fact they left Kite or blaming Killua for dragging him away from the fight, Gon simply moves forward optimistically, saying they now should focus on saving Kite from the Chimera Ants. Gon really is a beautiful character sometimes, same with Killua because he fully expected Gon to be angry at him for running away, but his face after this little exchange says surprise, but also awestruck by Gon’s “light” or his attitude when faced with adversity.