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Verizon's 'Winter 2011' Product Line Up
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Hey. Look at what Engadget was able to pick up. Most of these devices look very familiar to what we have already seen but the one device that catches my attention is the HTC Trophy. Remember it? The HTC Trophy was suppose to be the Windows 7 phone that was going to launch in early 2011 but somehow disappeared. Well, now it’s back. Not sure what happened but I’m glad that Windows 7 is getting the love from the Big V. Want more product leaks? Check them out after the break. Even the Playbook makes an appearance. 

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The Archivist of the United States crossed Pennsylvania Avenue yesterday to “ring” in the opening of the farmer’s market on 8th Street in Penn Quarter. (He brought his own bell!)

The National Archives building is built on the site of the old DC Central Market, so it was an appropriate intersection of past and current history.

Along with a crowd of chefs, foodies, and other VIPs, the Archivist marched through the market. He was joined by chef Jose Andres, wrote the foreword to our 2011 exhibit catalog for “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?” and the introduction to the recipe book “Eating with Uncle Sam.”