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Divas Of Destruction
[February 2011]

Natalya: Pin-Up Strong isn’t just about being elite. It isn’t about rubbing it in anyone’s faces. It’s about embracing what we are, which is bold, bright, and beautiful. We’re proud that we aren’t cookie-cutter Divas. We’re proud that we are different and don’t fit the mold of a Barbie Doll Diva. We’d like to set an example to all the Divas that we are the highest standard, and if they’d like to follow our lead and join us, fine, we’ll be happy to let them stand under our umbrella- but if they’re not willing to conform, then they can go toe-to-toe with us and see what happens.

Beth Phoenix: Honestly, Natalya and I don’t have any use for anybody else. There are some Divas, such as Tamina or Kaitlyn, who may have a redeeming quality here or there, but as far as the perfect combination, and excelling in every single way, Natalya and I are the only ones that exist on our level as Pin-Up Strong. I don’t care to convert or enlighten any of the Divas. I’d rather send a message to our young fans, the young WWE Universe, to encourage them to support us.


So @dragmakihiveka has decided a random headcanon that old man Netero files his nails and has amazing nail hygiene because his nails look way too nice.

She’s a special lil snowflake.