“one direction is the world’s biggest band”. They keep progressing each year. No one can stop them. 4 years is like starting as a freshman and ending as a senior. One direction has graduated from their first step. Now they are going to start on their second step. And we will all be in the front row supporting them.

What year is it?:  A guide for the One Direction Fandom
  • 2010:Bad clothing, bad hair, bad decisions
  • 2011:Twink!Louis, fluffy Harry, crooked teeth Niall
  • 2012:Zayn had that blond streak and Liam had no hair, lots of coordinated outfits and more bad decisions
  • 2013:They all had quiffs
  • 2014:Zayn had like 20 hair styles and Harry looked like Mick Jagger
  • 2015:YSL, Gucci, Topman, long hair don't care, the skinniest of skinny jeans and Zayn still has 20 different hair styles what the fuck