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Fantasy ga Hajimaru
Morning Musume
Fantasy ga Hajimaru

What’s wrong with being free?
There’s nothing wrong with doing what I want

Don’t think everything
Will go your way

I’ll walk down the most vivid road
In my most eye-catching outfit

Why do you put
Such heavy chains on me

When you’re nowhere to be found
On those occasional nights when I want you to hold me?

Stop tying me down
It hurts my wings

My body’s started moving of its own accord
Sorry for being sexy
I’ve got the glass slipper in my hand
My fantasy is beginning
My fantasy is beginning

George Harrison, without a doubt. Just think about this, here’s a young kid at the start of a movement. Not someone who ever thought he’d be a virtuoso on the instrument, he was an all-round musician, and he was destined to write two of the most popular Beatles songs of all time, ‘Something’ and ‘Here Comes the Sun.’ His guitar playing just got better and better, right up to his untimely death…
I want to shout this, I want to put this in capital letters - HE WAS ALWAYS, ALWAYS MUSICAL! Most people can get good physically on the guitar, it’s not really that hard, but to be musical? That’s the real trick. There are a thousand other guitar players that could play rings around George, but what have they played that you really keep in your heart?
—  Joe Satriani in response to the question, “The most underrated guitarist in history?” - Guitar World, 12 September 2016

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I have a musical recommendation. With gay characters. As the main characters. I HIGHLY recommend Bare: A Pop Opera if you've never heard it. That being said, they did a revival of the musical (it originally came out 2004) back in the 2010's called Bare: The Musical and it sucked, totally wrote out key characters and destroyed another character by combining her with the drug dealer character and took away her weight issue subplot. Best songs from Bare: A Pop Opera are; Bare and Role of a Lifetime

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Dead 80's
Mrs Magician
Dead 80's

Artist: Mrs. Magician
Track: Dead 80’s
Album: Strange Heaven
Label: Swami Records
Year: 2012

Take The Beach Boys and Redd Kross and give them a stiff dose of the same bad acid that The Black Angels are on… and you’d get the cynically poppy, surf rock dirges of Mrs. Magician.  

Fuck the world… fuck the kids…

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