Former WWE referee Kevin Keenan reprimanded, fired by ROH for sexual harassment
[February 6th, 2016]

Last Friday night, the ROH crew arrived early in Nashville and took to the town before their show on Saturday night. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all fun and enjoyment. A female talent was the victim of harassment and sexual advances from referee Kevin Keenan, who was once part of the WWE staff and has since been active on the indies since his release in 2009.

The female talent made it clear that Keenan’s advances weren’t welcome, which didn’t deter Keenan who continued to be rude and invasive to the talent. After Keenan’s advances culminated to a physical point, which included Keenan spanking the female talent on the rear end, several members of ROH’s roster and staff noted that the talent was uncomfortable and told Keenan to leave. After he departed, Delirious (real name Hunter Johnston, head booker of ROH) attempted to get in touch with Keenan, but he was unavailable for whatever reason.

When Keenan arrived at the building in which ROH was running on Saturday, he received a hell of a tongue lashing from Johnston. Johnston reportedly told Keenan that his actions wouldn’t be welcome in ROH or in any other locker room, then told him to gather his belongings and to leave the building. This was done in front of arena staff, wrestling talent, and many others, very loudly, so to send a message. As much as I would love to picture Delirious cutting a classic rambling, incoherent Delirious promo ending with “GET THE FUCK OUT!”, this is a very real issue and I’m glad it was handled the way that it was. Apparently, Keenan was already on thin ice due to past incidents during his short time with the company. For Delirious to make an example out of him is fantastic, because this is exactly how a company should protect the honor (no pun intended) of the company and sanctity of professionalism.

Kevin Keenan is on Twitter, if you wanna check him out here.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella
[February 8th, 2016]

If your heart wasn’t broken before, it is now. This photo was taken prior to Daniel Bryan’s address to the WWE Universe, and features a very real moment for the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Speaking personally, I’m really going to miss having Bryan around. I don’t think anyone has ever captured the attention of the WWE fans quite like Daniel. He amassed a following worldwide long before even appearing on WWE TV, and his fanbase only grew astronomically when exposed to a worldwide audience. Just as Bryan said last night, it doesn’t make sense for the fans to have rallied behind someone of Bryan’s stature, but his passion was undeniable for fans young and old. I’ve never seen anything quite like the crowd when Bryan would enter the arena.

It’s horrible to see the sense of unwelcome admittance in Bryan’s eyes when you go back and watch the farewell on Raw. Bryan looks absolutely gutted to be saying farewell to the sport in which he gave his absolute all. I know that this writer is going to miss him. He may have very well been the last true hero.


Triple H consoles a crying wrestling fan [January 19th, 2015]

And no, it isn’t a member of the IWC who’s complaining that Devitt should be on the main roster.

Last night at Raw, Triple H caught wind that a young fan at ringside was upset at what was taking place in the ring. Triple H, a father of three, broke character long enough to console the fan and make sure he went home happy. Not only did the kid get to talk to The Game up close, but he was sent out a stack of merch of his favorite wrestler.

That’s why Triple H is the best!

Titus O’Neil suspended for… ^ that.
[February 9th, 2016]

You know, I’m honestly shocked. I had planned on writing a piece about Titus O’Neil’s singles push lately, but apparently, he was sent home from SmackDown last night and suspended. Why? Because he playfully grabbed WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s arm as he made his exit after the Daniel Bryan farewell address. As you can see above, McMahon playfully shoved him back and everyone around laughed about it. Though it looks playful and like nobody involved was hurt in any way, O’Neil has been suspended for 60 days. This, of course, means that he won’t be competing on WrestleMania weekend.

I’m shocked by this. Honestly. It seemed to me like lately, O’Neil has gotten non-stop praise for his work in various communities and for giving the company such a great public image. Between his work in treating the homeless to dinner and showing up at schools to rewarding children for reading with SmackDown tickets, O’Neil has done absolutely nothing but exhume goodness and been beyond a positive role model for anyone who hears his name. This doesn’t make him invincible, however, as we won’t be seeing O’Neil until April, when he’ll make his return on what I’m guessing will be an episode of WWE Superstars.

The only good news regarding any of this is that it gives O’Neil two months off from his hectic WWE schedule, allowing the 38-year old athlete time to spend with his family. It’s likely that we’ll be seeing his name pop up a lot over the next two months in regards to his work with helping people and encouraging people to better themselves.