2010 to 2012

The Rotundos

Brothers Bo and Duke Rotundo formed a tag team in 2009 in the WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). In July of 2009, The Rotundos defeated Kris Logan and Justin Gabriel for the FCW Tag Team Championships, which they held for 119 days until being defeated by The Dudebusters. The duo spent some time apart starting in 2010, but would reform in 2012 when they defeated Brad Maddox and Eli Cottonwood (subbing in for the injured Briley Pierce) for the FCW Florida Tag Team Championships. This reign was less successful, barely clocking in over a month as champions before losing the titles to Corey Graves and Jake Carter.

Today, The Rotundos can be spotted on Raw, wrestling as Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas.