2010 shit

hey does anyone else remember 2009 fanfiction culture where every fic was based off a taylor swift song 

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omg where did u get those flipnote-esque brushes ?????? how u do that...

ms paint has a toner function if you go to attributes (CTRL + E) and change the image setting from “colors” to “black & white” !! all the colors in the palette become different levels of toning

for the most recent pic, i did that, shaded in all the values in that i wanted, and then changed the attributes back to color to edit the black tones into pink and green ones (using the right click eraser trick)

keep in mind that if you’re changing an existing image to black and white, any non-white shade on an image will become solid black when you change the attributes to b&w. changing pure black lineart to b&w is fine, but you could accidentally ruin an image that has any other color or shade. this is also why you have put down all the tones you need first, if you plan on adding any color into a toned image. changing back and forth won’t be possible without messing the image up

hope this helps!

So I just found an old picture of the very first character I ever created and I got very nostalgic and even more embarrassed. Ah yes the good old days of badly proportioned anime drawings
Anyway her name is Idola and she was very important to me back then

This large chain supermarket  petrol station is in Lansing Michigan.  it’s on Pennsylvania road.  it’s right at the entrance to I-96, one of the busiest intersections in the state. 

According to the Michigan State Police this entrance sees more drug traffic than any entrance in the entire state. Why ? Well they say there are more growers in the mid michigan corridor. Clearly there is more weed in this area and the prices are better than almost anywhere in the state. in some dispensaries the prices rival the larger dispensaries In Detroit.  it’s not about sales volume in Lansing, it’s about the size and output of your grow.

The reason I’m showing it to you is because I was there on Saturday watching the d e a try to figure out how to remove a case of plants from someone’s car.

They were so angry because Michigan State Police were standing there with them saying they could not take the plants because the person was legal.

I did not take the picture of the police or of the DEA because when I was pointing my camera in that direction they came to me and said do not photograph us so I took the picture of the gas station instead and I’m telling the story

In Michigan we see this all the time, Some stupid ass calls the police because they see you with a pot plant. The uninformed think no one can have pot plants.

Apparently it happens regularly on Saturdays at this gas station as well; because when I went inside to pay the ladies told me, oh well its just another Saturday.

FYI the law in Michigan allows each patient to have 12 plants and if you are a caregiver you can have 12 plants per patient

LOL Michigan State Police why don’t you demand that the DEA and other mich cops take the real clear FREE course on that law that we have here in Michigan, about those pot plants, it’s called the Michigan Medical Marihuana act number one of 2010.

And about those drug figures, those figures are not right, since there is much more pharma traffic as of late.This is noted by the media reports on the rise of Pills and Potions beginning to show up in the Ingham county jail  Most notably heroin, fentanyl and percocet.   

the assertion that aliya’s gold medals were only won bc she competed in a weak field is so ridiculous, like i’ll give you 2010 aa (tho she prob could have beaten anyone), but bars? she beat out he, tweddle, yao, and komova; those are names most people would have on their “top 10 barworkers of all time” list lmao. and 2016 wasn’t as strong, but she still bested a couple world champs to get there.

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idk if this was meant to be ic or ooc but if it’s ooc you’re barking up the wrong damn tree buddy. this blog and character has been around since nov 2015 and i have plenty of people to vouche for that. if you’re under the impression that i’ve stolen from you, how about you come to me ooc instead of hiding behind the vague guise of the anon button because that’s not how anything ever gets solved.