2010 shit

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oh dude thats some 2010 level shit. it was bc there was some kind of '''feud'' between hetalia and homestuck fans so they starting making comics abt 'becoming friends' and started shipping the creators on such a large scale that they found out. also homestucks never shut up abt being hated on by other fandom people. im talking 10 min long 'i was discriminated against' vids


legit cant wait for some 2000s trends to come back because i will be paying for all my own clothes and all the shit i thought i was too good for/never got as hand me downs/never got from my family is going On! My! Body!!!!!!

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I know people have bias in favor of classic sonic...but don't you feel that at times fans have bias against him?

I’m sure some do. And while it’s understandable to express annoyance with Classic Sonic’s inclusion in Forces, going down the negative bias route is ultimately no better than those who do the same thing with Modern Sonic.

Just like how treating post-2010 fans like shit is no less heinous than treating Adventure era fans like shit.