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Veda Scott Vs. Heidi Lovelace
ROH on SBG #220
[November 20th, 2015]

In a telltale bout that would predate several matches to come, ROH’s queen bee Veda Scott takes on the future Ruby Riot, Heidi Lovelace. These two would go on to meet in several other promotions with titles on the line, including A1, Shimmer, and AIW, but they first competed in singles action under the Ring Of Honor banner. While ROH fans may not have been immediately familiar with Lovelace, they would soon learn the name, as Heidi quickly became one of the most prominent athletes in independent wrestling. Having just completed her second tour of Japan, Lovelace was more than prepared for Veda’s viciousness, or so she may have assumed. Both of these ladies show why Women Of Honor deserved to have a spotlight on the female athletes, and pioneered the division to come. This is a great bout that shows what both women are capable of.

Marty Scurll explains what it means to be a villain
[March 1st, 2017]

In an interview with ESPN.com, Ring Of Honor’s Marty Scurll explains what it means to be “The Villain” in today’s world of professional wrestling:

It’s hard for me to answer that without writing a 15,000-word dissertation. But I think with me, from what I can see and what I understand, I feel like despite being “The Villain” — in the wrestling sense, I am the antagonist — I feel like I probably have more of a connection with my fans than the majority of the wrestlers out there.

At end of the day, I think people buy me. I think people think I’m organic, I’m authentic. And the messages I spread and choose to tell, I think most people agree with me. You look at the normal wrestling fans, they might be a little bit out there themselves. They probably have a chip on their shoulder like I do. In this wrestling and entertainment stuff, we’re all a bit different.

I feel like my character, in particular, I think a lot of fans see themselves in it. They don’t see themselves as the good guys, they don’t see themselves as the guy that everybody likes. They’ve normally got more in common with the guy that everyone dislikes. So me being like, “Yeah, I’m a bit of an a–h—, but I’m a villain, yeah. And yeah, I am an outlaw. And a lot of people are like, “Yeah, damn, that’s like me.”

For the rest of the impressive piece on Scurll, click here.

I’ve told people that going out there in the Hammerstein for Ring of Honor that night was actually more exciting for me than walking out in front of 100,000 people at WrestleMania. A lot of people say, ‘That’s impossible. It can’t be. You’re crazy.’ For me it’s more exciting because of the intimate feel. When you come up in a company like ECW and you’re used to that intimacy, that’s what you really crave.“ - Bubba Ray Dudley on debuting for Ring Of Honor

Isn’t it funny how Louis and harry are probably the most different in every single way from Louis being this loud sarcastic high pitched voice curvy petite tiny sassy sort of a blunt creature to harry being this more serious goofy passive aggressive deep gravelly voice gigantic tall bear man child yet they seem to come together to just compliment the other in every single way imaginable I suppose opposites truly do attract

someone i could learn from / someone i could become: Saturn, photographed by Cassini, early 2011.

6 frames, each a composite of a red, green, and blue image, photographed January-March 2011.  Visible in the northern hemisphere is a massive storm that raged for several months from late 2010.

Image credit: NASA/JPL/SSI. Animation: AgeOfDestruction. Title: Cat Power.


Wrestling Origins: Luke Harper
[January 13th, 2017]

This is a pretty rad career retrospective on Luke Harper, starting with his evolution from Brodie Lee to becoming a member of The Wyatt Family. Anyone who’s a fan of Harper should check out his work on the indies. Notable favorites of mine are his bouts against Michael Elgin from C*4, Jon Moxley from Evolve, and Claudio Castagnoli in CHIKARA. Harper/Lee (isn’t that an author?) is a longtime favorite, and this quick rundown is a good history on the powerhouse that graces our screens every Thursday night.