2010 ring

The Carnies
[February 12th, 2017]

Last weekend was a big one for several professional wrestlers, and Horrorshow members aren’t excluded from that! Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful, known together as The Carnies (formerly known as Team I.O.U.) made their Ring Of Honor debut! The two took on Coast To Coast (Shaheem Ali & Leon St. Giovanni) at ROH’s The Experience in Columbus, Ohio. Congrats, guys!


No Disqualification Match: Taeler Hendrix vs. Mandy Leon

[December 4th, 2016 - ROH Final Battle Aftermath, ECW Arena, Philadelphia, PA]


1x World Heavyweight Championship

1x WWE Raw Tag Team Championship - with Cesaro

2x WWE United States Championship

3x WWE (World Heavyweight) Championship

King of the Ring (2010)

Money in the Bank (2015)

Royal Rumble (2012)


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 717:
Ladder War IV for the ROH Championship:
Kevin Steen (Champion) Vs. El Generico

ROH Final Battle: Doomsday [December 16th, 2012]

It’s one of the greatest rivalries ever in sports. It’s the modern-day Flair and Steamboat. It’s the Celtics and the Lakers, the Yankees and the Red Sox, Notre Dame and USC. It’s El Generico and Kevin Steen.” - Kevin Kelly

You wanted the best, you got the best. In pro wrestling, there are no better enemies made than those who are former friends. El Generico and Kevin Steen went from teaming up for years as best friends to feuding as mortal enemies. This match is the culmination of that feud, and in my opinion, it’s one of the best matches in not only ROH history, but in pro wrestling history.

How fitting that the two former friends settle their differences in a Ladder War, considering how many they have been involved in previously. Only this time, they aren’t teaming. The contrast of styles between the two made them an incredible team, but as adversaries, it provided a perfect catalyst for an intense battle. The end of this match is both dangerous and mortifying, but the perfect end to an amazing feud.

This was months prior to El Generico being signed to the WWE as Sami Zayn, and years prior to Steen coming on as Kevin Owens. I’m sure the tracks were laid out, but the fact that Generico was still working as solid as he was is a true testament to the man’s dedication. This match has perfect storytelling for two men who have been through hell, both with and against each other. I believe both men knew that Generico’s time on the indies was coming to a halt, so the two raged a war against each other the likes of which would never be forgotten. And, as Caleb Seltzer said, “Steen loves it.”

saturn, rings & shadows, photographed by cassini, 4th september 2015.

16 monochrome frames, colourized with a 3-image rgb composite (the colour balance is probably not naturalistic).

i think you can just see a moon in one frame, below the rings & to the left of the terminator.

image credit: nasa/jpl/ssi. animaton & composite: ageofdestruction.