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Apparently, this is a topic more than one of my followers wishes for me to tackle.  Let it never be said I do not listen to my followers.


Because the requesters seemed to want to limit it to motorbikes or cars, I will not include any space-faring, water-going or flying vehicles for this list.  This is about wheeled ground transportation only.  Also, I won’t be including any giant robot component parts so if it transforms and becomes and arm/leg/head it’s not on this list.

So, ground rules set, let’s get started!

10. Spider Machine GP-7 from 1978′s Spider-Man.

Yes, in the Toei Tokusatsu version of the story of everyone’s favorite wall crawling hero, Spider-Man has a car.  It’s not just any car though, it’s an alien car from the planet Spider that launches forth from the Marveller starship to give Spidey extra mobility while chasing villains through the city. While this technically violates my rules because it can fly it is primarily a ground-based vehicle and comes equipped with machine guns and rockets hidden beneath the hood!

9. Goranger Machines from 1975′s Himitsu Sentai Goranger

The original set of motorcycles with sidecars from the original Sentai series have to appear somewhere on this list and only rank this low because they aren’t the best bikes from that era or even the best Sentai bikes of all time. They’re a bit blocky and kind of plain but they are just cool enough to edge out a flying car from the planet Spider, so that’s something!

8. Battle Hopper/Acrobatter from Kamen Rider Black/Black RX

I should probably count these as separate entries but they really are the same bike.  Battle Hopper served Kamen Rider Black well as a sentient motorcycle created by the evil Golgam the same as Black himself and was destroyed/killed in his final battle with Shadow Moon.  However, when Black was transformed into Black RX, Battle Hopper was also reborn as the more powerful Acrobatter to continue his service to the hero. 

7. Sidemachine from 1972′s Android Kikaider

Another motorcyle/sidecar combo this low-slung, streamlined motorcycle carried the android hero into battle against the force of DARK and propelled him on his quest to find and rescue his creator. This is one of the most low profile bikes on this list and looks super fast on film.

6. Tridoron from 2015′s Kamen Rider Drive

The newest vehicle on this makes is a sporty red car that is as much a part of Drive’s character as his belt. This is the vehicle that produces the tires used in his various power ups and actually becomes his armor for his final form.  It can be driven like a normal car or given over to Mr. Belt to let him drive. The steering wheel can become a sword and the door produces a gun, making it a vehicle and arsenal all in one.

5. Hakaider’s Motorcycle from Android Kikaider and Mechanical Violator Hakaider.

This is the only villain vehicle to make this list and it actually places higher than its heroic counterpart’s ride.  Why?  Because a Black Knight requires a steed as DARK as he is and this ride is the opposite of everything Kikaider’s Sidemachine is. It’s a high sitting touring bike, almost Harley-esque in appearance made for power rather than speed.  It’s also devoid of a sidecar as this man-machine has no need to carry anyone and works alone.  It fits his persona perfectly and that’s why it makes the number 5 spot on my list.

4. Zubat Car from 1977′s Kaiketsu Zubat

Like Spider Machine GP-7 this one is a bit of cheat because it can fly but it is primarily a ground vehicle.  This is Zubat’s primary means of transportation.  It’s very interestingly designs with the giant fan on the back, rockets on the side and the long, protruding nose on the front perfect for being used as a battering ram or the air intake for a jet engine hidden inside.

3. Den-Liner from 2007′s  Kamen Rider Den-O

There is no way I could make a list of important vehicles from tokusatsu and not include at least one train. Sure, this kind of sort of violates one of my rules because it can fly in some ways but it still travels along tracks, albeit tracks it lies down, making it a wheeled vehicle.  This is the train that travels through time, the primary mode of transport and home base for the heroes of Den-O. Without this train, there would be no story making it as integral to the tale being told as the titular Rider himself.

2. The Pointer from 1967′s Ultraseven

Arguably as famous in Japan as the 1966 Batmobile was in the United States, this car transported the TDF (Terrestrial Defense Force) elite Ultra Squad into battle against all of the monsters and aliens that would threaten Japan.  It was based on a 1957 Chrysler Imperial and made more public appearances than any other member of the cast save for Ultraseven himself.

1. The Cyclone from Kamen Rider

I don’t care if we are talking about the original version, it’s revision, the New Cyclone, the chunky touring bike version from 2016 or even the crotch rocket version from the 2005 movie Kamen Rider The First, the Cyclone is THE iconic vehicle in tokusatsu. The character gets part of his name, heck the franchise gets part of its name, from the fact that he rides a motorcycle and this is that motorcycle.  The essential red and white bike with the Rider logo is as much a part of the character as his belt, scarf or mask.  He is not Kamen Rider without the Cyclone!

Listen, I will never support a whitewashed adaptation of anything, and I don’t particularly think an Americanized version of Death Note is a thing that needs to exist even if it hadn’t been whitewashed.

But if they were going to do an American Death Note, it is a huge missed opportunity that they didn’t have L going around calling himself, like, Taylor Swift or something.

My top 35 Best Albums of the Past 30 Years (1986-2016)

1# “Ok Computer” by Radiohead (1997)

2# “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye West (2010)

3# “The Queen Is Dead” by The Smiths (1986)

4# “The Joshua Tree” by U2 (1987)

5# “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones (2002)

6# “Automatic For The People” by R.E.M. (1992)

7# “Saturdays = Youth” by M83 (2008)

8# “channel ORANGE” by Frank Ocean (2012)

9# “Yeezus” by Kanye West (2013)

10# “Nevermind” by Nirvana (1991)

11# “Depression Cherry” by Beach House (2015)

12# “Debut” by Björk (1993)

13# “Metallica” by Metallica (1991)

14# “Dangerous” by Michael Jackson (1991)

15# “Yield” by Pearl Jam (1998)

16# “All Eyez On Me” by 2Pac (1996)

17# “Discovery” by Daft Punk (2001)

18# “The Black Album” by Jay-Z (2003)

19# “Californication” by Red Hot Chili peppers (1998)

20# “Ready to Die” by The Notorious B.I.G. (1994)

21# “808’s & Heartbreak” by Kanye West (2008)

22# "Back To Black” by Amy Winehouse (2006)

23# “Rage Against The Machine” by Rage Against The Machine (1992)

24# “Is This It” by The Strokes (2001)

25# “In Rainbows” by Radiohead (2009)

26# “Madvillainy” by Madvillain (2004)

27# “Loveless” by My Bloody Valentine (1991)

28# “Appetite for Destruction” by Guns N’ Roses (1987)

29# “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill” by Lauryn Hill (1998)

30# “LP1” by FKA Twigs (2014)

31# “Favourite Worst Nightmare” by Arctic Monkeys (2004)

32# “American Idiot” by Green Day (2004)

33# “Devotion” by Jessie Ware (2012)

34# “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends” by Coldplay (2008)

35# “Visions” by Grimes (2012)

Honorable Mentions: “Ten” (1991) by Pearl Jam, “The Suburbs” (2010) and “Reflektor” (2013) by Arcade Fire, “Lonerism” (2012) by Tame Impala, “Blackstar” (2016) by David Bowie, “Demon Days” (2005) by Gorillaz, “Modern Vampires of the City” (2013) by Vampire Weekend, “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?” (1995) by Oasis, “…Like Clockwork” (2013) by Queens of the Stone Age, “Psychic” (2013) by Darkside, “Arular” (2005) by M.I.A., “Rock Steady” (2001) by No Doubt, “Take Care” (2011) by Drake, “Sign o’ the Times” (1987) by Prince.


Okay so here is a list of the bootlegs I have in alphabetical order, message me if you want me to send you any of them or If you have any questions. I plan to share them through google drive, but If you prefer another method let me know and we can work It out. In parenthesis is the info I know about the shows, If you know any extra info (like dates, performers, etc) please feel free to message me with It. You don’t have to send me anything in return but anything that I don’t have would be appreciated. Disclaimer: I didn’t shoot nor own any of these. Enjoy!!

13! (Broadway)

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (OBC)

A Chorus Line (2006 Broadway Revival, Opening Night)

A Little Night Music (w/ Bernadette Peters 09-042010)

A Very Potter Musical

A Very Potter Sequel

A Very Potter Senior Year

Aladdin (w/ Adam Jacobs not James Munroe)

Amelie (OBC)

Anastasia (Broadway)

Annie (2013 Broadway Revival)

Anything Goes (w/ Sutton Foster and Joel Grey)

Avenue Q (OBC)

Beauty and the Beast (Los Angeles 1995)

Bombshell (In Concert 06-08-2015)

Bonnie and Clyde (w/ Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan)

Book Of Mormon (OBC)

Book Of Mormon (OBC w/ subtitles)

Book Of Mormon (w/ Ben Platt)

Book Of Mormon (West End)

Cabaret (w/ Emma Stone and Alan Cumming 2014)

Cabaret (w/ Adam Pascal)

Carrie (2012 Off-Broadway Revival)

Catch Me If You Can (Broadway 2011)

Chicago (US National 2005 Tour w/ Brenda Braxton and Paige Davis in Chicago)

Chicago (2008 Broadway w/ Brenda Braxton)

Chicago (Audio Only w/ Melanie B)

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (w/ Carly Rae Jepsen and Fran Drescher)

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Broadway)

Company (2011 w/ Subtitles in Spanish)

Dear Evan Hansen (OBC)

Dreamgirls (OBC)

Evita (2012 Broadway Revival 03-14-2012 w/ Ricky Martin)

Falsettos (Revival Cast 2016)

Finding Neverland (08-17-2014 Only Act 1 w/ Jeremy Jordan)

Finding Neverland (OBC)

Finding Neverland (w/ Alfie Boe)

First Date (w/ Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez)

Follies (In Concert 1985)

Follies (Revival Cast, Kennedy Center)

Fun Home (OBC)

Gigi (03-28-2015 w/ Vanessa Hudgens)

Godspell (11-13-2011 Broadway)

Grease (w/ Laura Osnes and Max Crumm)

Gypsy (2003 Broadway Revival)

Hairspray (US National 2005 Tour w/ Aaron Tveit)

Hamilton (OBC)

Hamilton (Chicago)

Hamilton (Broadway 6-29-2016)

Heathers (Off-Broadway 2014 Revival)

Heathers (Concert Reading at Joes Pub 9-14-2010)

Hit List (54 Below Concert Audio Only)

If/Then (Pre Broadway Washington, DC)

If/Then (Broadway preview performance)

If/Then (Broadway 8-30-1014 w/ Jackie Burns)

In The Heights (OBC)

In The Heights (w/ Javier Muñoz)

Into The Woods (04-13-2002 First Preview w/ Laura Benanti)

Into The Woods (In Central Park)

Kinky Boots (Broadway)

Legally Blonde (MTV Pro-shoot)

Legally Blonde (MTV Pro-shoot w/ Subtitles)

Les Miserables (2014 Broadway Revival)

Les Miserables (10th Anniversary Concert w/ Subtitles)

Les Miserables (Dallas production)

Little Shop of Horrors (2009 UK Tour)

Mamma Mia (London 14-11-2002)

Matilda (Broadway w/ Lesli Margherita)

Miss Saigon (Broadway, Last Performances 07-01-2001)

Miss Saigon (Manila w/ Lea Salonga)

Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812 (Broadway w/ Deneé Benton and Josh Groban)

Newsies (Pro-shoot 2017)

Newsies (Broadway w/ Jeremy Jordan)

Next To Normal (Original Off-Broadway Cast early version with “Costco”)

Next to Normal (2nd Broadway Preview 03-28-2009, Original Cast)

Next to Normal (Broadway w/ Jessica Phillips and Kyle Dean Massey)

Next to Normal (US National Tour, Original Tour Cast)

Next to Normal (Last performance of Alice Ripley, Jennifer Damiano, and Brian d'Arcy James)

Next to Normal (Broadway w/ Marin Mazzie, Jason Danieley, and Meghann Fahy)

Next To Normal (Broadway)

Oklahoma (Broadway 1999 w/ Hugh Jackman)

Oliver (London 2010)

On Your Feet! (10- 17-2015)

Phantom Of The Opera (Broadway 02-21-2013 w/ Sierra Boggess)

Rent (10th Anniversary Concert)

Rent (2008 Pro-shoot)

School Of Rock (Broadway w/ Sierra Boggess)

Sister Act (Broadway 04-02-2011)

Something Rotten (Broadway 20-06-2016 w/ Rob McClure)

Something Rotten (OBC)

Spring Awakening (OBC 08-18-2007 2pm Matinee)

Spring Awakening (OBC 11-29-2006)

Spring Awakening (Broadway 08-07-2008)

Spring Awakening (05-18-2008)

Spring Awakening (1st US National Tour)

Spring Awakening (Lincoln Center 2005)

Spring Awakening (Off Broadway w/ Subtitles in Portuguese)

Deaf West Spring Awakening (Off-Broadway First LA Run)

Deaf West Spring Awakening (Off-Broadway Second LA Run)

Deaf West Spring Awakening (Off-Broadway Second LA Run w/ Subtitles)

Sweeney Todd (Broadway 1979 w/ Len Cariou and Angela Lansbury)

Sweeney Todd (OBC)

Sweeney Todd (Concert 2001)

The Addams Family (OBC)

The Color Purple (Broadway)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (La Jolla Playhouse)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Paper Mill Playhouse)

The Last Five Years (Concert at Town Hall 9-12-2016 Audio Only w/ Cynthia Erivo and Joshua Henry)

The Little Mermaid (Off-Broadway Denver 09-01-2007)

The Prom (Off-Broadway)

Thoroughly Modern Millie (OBC)

Waitress (OBC without “Club Knocked Up”)

Waitress (w/ Sara Bareilles)

Waitress (Sara Bareilles What’s Inside  Songs From Waitress Concert)

West Side Story (Original 2009 Revival Cast)

Wicked (OBC)

Wicked (Broadway w/ Annaleigh Ashford and David Burnham w/ subtitles)

anonymous asked:

Out of curiosity, what are some of your candidates for your worst cartoons of the 2010s list so far?

Let’s see, going by year, let’s give my running list:

*Means that the show would qualify if it ran a full season

2010 - My Life Me, Puppy in My Pocket, Fish Hooks; Family Guy (started beforehand but it’s been going on throughout the decade, so it counts)

2011 - Almost Naked Animals, Allen Gregory*, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, The Problem Solverz, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

2012 - Full English*; Brickleberry; Annoying Orange; Napoleon Dynamite*; Wild Grinders

2013 - Rocket Monkeys; Xiaolin Chronicles; Mr. Pickles; Teen Titans Go

2014 - Breadwinners; King Star King*; 

2015 - Pickle & Peanut; 

2016 - Powerpuff Girls 2016; Bordertown; 

2017 - Big Mouth; Mysticons; Ben 10 2017; 

5 Essential Modern South Korean Thrillers

5. Bedevilled, Chul-soo Jang (2010)

 The list begins with the highly disturbing horror drama by Chul-soo Jang. Taking us from South Korea’s developed capital to a remote island, populated with creepy civilians who are isolated from modern society. Our main protagonist is Bok-nam, played by the beauty Yeong-hie Seo, a woman prone to abuse from her controlling and violent husband. She seeks help from her long lost teenage friend, Hae-won, who accepts an invitation to the island after tolerating just about enough of her job at a bank in Seoul. Instantly exposed to the horrific torture her friend and her daughter face, we hope for a miracle. But after a dramatic turn in the story, we soon begin to cheer Bok-nam on as she seeks brutal revenge on all those who mistreated her.

Bedevilled boasts a controversial plot with shockingly violent scenes, everything a thriller movie fan could hope for. This film is dark and dirty, successfully showing the viewers the true extent to a lack of both sanitation and modern awareness compared to a developed nation. To even see it on our television screens is an unpleasant experience.

4. The Housemaid, Im Sang-soo (2010)

This is Im Sang-soo’s masterpiece remake of Kim Ki-young‘s film of the same name. An erotic, revenge thriller focused around the secret relationship between a housemaid and the wealthy, sexually charged husband of the house. The maid is quickly tangled in a web of lies and is torn between the enjoyable job (and its benefits) or her morals. With the wife of the house expecting twins and their young daughter a primary focus in the maid’s duties, she attempts to suppress her guilt. But you know a Korean revenge thriller wouldn’t be a Korean revenge thriller without a huge plot twist, resulting in the maid taking out her own vengeance on the family.

Jeon Do-yeon blows the audience away with her outstanding performance as the au pair involved in this invigorating affair. She alone gives this film the energy and ferocity required for a successful thriller and plays the part brilliantly.

3. Oldboy, Park Chan-wook (2003)

Park Chan-wook’s highly successful Oldboy is undoubtedly the definitive South Korean thriller. A film that turned a struggling industry into a top-of-the-game competitor for Hollywood.

Min-Sik Choi plays the middled aged Dae-su Oh. A man fueled by ignorance and disregard, who is soon taught a valuable lesson. Kidnapped and locked away in a room for 15 years, reasons completely unknown, he is isolated from society with nothing but a television set to keep him company. After glimpses of Dae-su’s fading sanity, he is set free to embark on a self-fulfilled vengeance quest to find the person who did this to him. He has just five days to discover the truth, accompanied by Mi-do (Hye-jeong Kang), a cute young girl who finds a sympathetic side to this lost man. Oldboy displays some of the most horrific violence ever to be seen in cinema, especially one with such an enticing and flawless plot.

2. Bad Guy, Kim-ki Duk (2001)

Kim-Ki Duk blows out all expectations in this dramatic thriller set in a dingy Korean red-light district. When a supposedly innocent young girl is forcefully kissed in broad daylight by a thug, she publicly humiliates him. He then sets out to destroy her life by manipulating her into working in a brothel of his in order to pay her debts to him. Throughout the film, the girl is distraught at how her life has turned out and struggles to adapt to the expectations set for her new job. Deep sympathetic feelings are felt for her as she wants more than anything to escape this dark place she has been brought to.

Ki-duk is excellent at shocking his audience with an intense ambiance and a heartbreaking story. Won Seo is cast as the leading female role, playing an excellent part as the character transitions from a virtuous, squeaky-clean college graduate to a street-wise prostitute.

1. A Tale of Two Sisters, Kim Jee-Woon (2003)

The majority of Kim Jee-Woon’s directing catalog deserves to be featured in this list. The intelligent film-maker uses colour and music to transform already brutal visuals. Another horror drama, but nonetheless a thriller, focused around the feelings of intense fear and loss within a severely broken family. The two sisters, played by Moon Geun-Young and Lim Su-jeong have soon after this film progressed with their careers, but this is without a doubt their most challenging of roles as young actresses.

Upon their return from a mental institution, tension reprises between the two sisters and the stepmother, who is shown as unstable and erratic. The story can be somewhat difficult to follow and is quite intense, without sometimes a clear distinction between dream and reality. The two sisters who are practically inseparable have to learn to adapt to life at home after being away for so long, and difficulty is regularly expressed for the entire family. A series of horrifying and jumpy moments add to the unpredictable and eerie atmosphere that Jee-woon is highly skilled at setting.

Canon fics big rec list

2010-11 ‘Verse:

Nonstop earthquake dreams of you by lumineres: Harry falls hard and finds Louis already at the bottom.

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This is so strange, im honestly surprised that I haven’t anyone talk about it apart from like some old ‘’top 10 forgotten pilots’’ list from 2010

APRIL 9: Kristen Stewart (1990-)

If you’re like me, you loved to hate Kristen Stewart in Twilight (which, let’s face it, is all around mind-numbingly awful), while (not so) secretly harboring a small (huge) crush on her (look at that, the old “I hate her so much” diversion technique).

And when rumors started spreading that she was, in fact, Not A Straight™, you sat back with your arms crossed, slowly nodded, and whispered: “well, duh.”

You may have guessed: today is Kristen Stewart’s birthday. The woman who has been described as Shane but for millennials was born twenty-seven years ago in Los Angeles, where she was raised. She started acting super early, and because of her schedule, was homeschooled throughout the end of middle school and high school. She already had several films to her credit, like Catch That Kid or Into the Wild, before appearing in what gave her international visibility - the Twilight franchise. Many criticized her performance, calling her wooden and too expressionless, but that didn’t stop her from making it into the top 10 on several “Sexiest Women in the World” lists in 2010.

Ever since then, she’s played strong, complex roles in many high-profile movies, and broken more than a few hearts along the way. Her sexuality was the source of many rumors over the past few years, and while she was reticent to talk about it for a very long time (which is completely understandable - and this is a reminder that no matter your level of fame or your sexuality, you don’t owe anyone an explanation about your identity), she did recently confirm that she wasn’t straight at all. It doesn’t look like she’s embracing any one label in particular, although it seems she jams pretty well with “bisexual”:

She found herself embraced as Hollywood’s most high-profile gay actor, a de-facto poster-girl for the LGBT community.                      

“Well, yeah,” she says. “And that’s been nothing but positive. I mean, it’s hard to talk about. I don’t want to seem presumptuous, because everyone has their own experience. The whole issue of sexuality is so grey. I’m just trying to acknowledge that fluidity, that greyness, which has always existed. But maybe only now are we allowed to start talking about it.”

“You’re not confused if you’re bisexual. It’s not confusing at all. For me, it’s quite the opposite.”

Right now, she’s dating Stella Maxwell, and her latest movie is Personal Shopper, a psychological thriller that looks intense and involves Kristen smoldering a lot.