2010 junior worlds


Yuzuru Hanyu Junior World Championships 2010 // NHK Trophy 2015

“The last time Yuzuru Hanyu skated two clean programs without any edge calls in an international competition was on March 11, 2010 at the Junior World Championships. Yuzuru came in first with a personal best of 216.10 total points.

About five years and dozens of medals later, on November 28, 2015 at NHK Trophy, Hanyu broke another record with another magical 216. This time it was a world record. 216.07. Just for his free skate.” @isaekkiya

World Junior Champs who became World Champions in Men’s Figure Skating

Back in 1976 the World Junior Figure Skating Championships  were first held. Today the 40th World Junior Championships 2017 start. The question always is who could get to be not only the Junior World Champion but also can achieve that in the Senior ranks. Here are those skaters who made it!

Viktor Petrenko (USSR/UKR) - 1984 Junior World Champion & 1992 World Champion

Todd Eldredge (USA) - 1988 Junior World Champion & 1996 World Champion

Alexei Yagudin (RUS) - 1996 Junior World Champion & 1998,1999, 2000 and 2002 World Champion

Evgeni Plushenko (RUS) - 1997 Junior World Champion & 2001,2003 and 2004 World Champion

Daisuke Takahashi (JPN) - 2002 World Junior Champion & 2010 World Champion

Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN) - 2010 World Junior Champion & 2014 World Champion

Only 6 figure skater ever achieved a Gold in both the Junior and the Senior World Championship!

Good luck to all the competitors at the World Junior Championships 2017!

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Could you pretty please make a list of clean performances by yuzu? If it's not too much trouble! If it is, then it's fine! Thanks though!

  • 2010 Junior Worlds - both SP and LP
  • Skate America 2012 - SP
  • NHK 2012 - SP
  • GPF 2013 - SP
  • Sochi 2014 - SP
  • NHK 2015 - both SP and LP
  • GPF 2015 - both SP and LP
  • Worlds 2016 - SP
  • Worlds 2017 - LP

Those are pretty much perfect programs, with positive GOEs (JWC flip aside I think)…


  • Japanese Nationals 2012 - SP
  • Japanese Nationals 2013 - SP (look at PW being boss over and over again lol)

I haven’t included performances with popped jumps *WTT 2015 LP is not there because of 3T* (otherwise the list would be endless, if you want some good ones watch 4CC 2017 :P) and the ones with negative GOEs I think. I haven’t checked all protocols tho. If someone replies with other mentions the list will be updated. I just did without checking anything so…

Thanks for asking!

A combination of both, I think. He has always seemed older than both of them, but also, he was out and about as a Senior much younger than Joshua and Jason, who were both kept back in Juniors until they were 18. He also didn’t face quite the same level of depth at his Nationals like Joshua and Jason, so he was able to “get out” to the Championship events earlier.

And he’s the only one left, now, of the three men who stood on the podium at Junior Worlds 2010. How sad.

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Hi Alice! I really love your blog, I've learned so much tech stuff from you! If it's not too much of a bother, I was wondering what your opinion of Kanako Murakami is? I just watched a bunch of her programs and I love her skating though it seems like jumps where often a problem for her. I feel like she should have been one of the greats but never really met her full potential.

Kanako is a skater whom I had so much hope for. I remembered watching her at Junior Worlds 2010 and being hugely impressed by her speed and power. She has such a distinctive style of interpretation too, plus her energy on the ice is adorable and infectious. Spin is not her strongest point, but generally when she skates I’ve always found her line and posture quite beautiful, with just the right mix of softness and vigor. It was quite unfortunate that, as you said, she had major issues with jumps throughout her competitive career, particularly in the under-rotation department. This, to be honest, has been a bit of a mystery to me, because Kanako is such a powerful jumper who does not lack in height nor distance in her jumps… This issue took away a lot of confidence from her, I think, especially in the latter part of her career, and well… we both know the decision she made earlier this year.

I am glad to see her in ice shows over the summer though. Looks to me like her love for skating is still present as ever :)


Yuzuru Hanyu, Sochi 2014 Olympic Competitor

2012 World bronze medalist, 2013 Grand Prix Final champion, 2010 World Junior champion, and the 2013 & 2014 Japanese national champion.


This guy here is actually Yuzuru Hanyu a 21 years old Japanese figure skater who competes in the men’s singles discipline. He is the 2014 Olympic champion, the 2014 World champion, a three-time Grand Prix Final champion (2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16), two-time Four Continents silver medalist (2011, 2013), the 2010 World Junior champion, the 2009–10 Junior Grand Prix Final champion, and a four-time Japanese national champion (2013–2016). He also have other three medals at three other World Championships ( 2012bronze, 2015 and 2016 silver). –Wikipedia


  • 2006 National Cadet Fencing Championships - 1st place
  • 2007 National Cadet Fencing Championships - 1st place (team) 2nd place (individual)
  • 2010 Asian Junior & Cadet Fencing Championships - 11st place
  • 2010 Senior World Satellite Cup - 5th place
  • 2011 Asian Junior and Cadet fencing Championship - 1st place (individual and team)


  • “To accept losing, since you can’t win without losing. To respect everyone in order to be respected by everyone”


  • “My father, because he has extremely high experience in fencing, and no matter what situation he’s facing, he’s still very calm.
  • Korean fencers, since they never give up no matter what situation they’re in”

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Hi! You posted a page titled 'Hope & Heartbreak.... Japanese nationals ushers in a new era' from IFS OLYMPIC SPECIAL MAGAZINE. I can't find it anywhere. Can you post it so that we can read it? The words are too small to read in that post. Thanks in advance!!

It was a free edition limited to app store so I only have a miniature version on my iPod.  I typed it out instead (click read more) SO LONGGG. Here is the post we are talking about to those who don’t know.

Hope & Heartbreak - Japanese Nationals Ushers in a New Era

Yuzuru Hanyu has enjoyed the most successful season in his young career.  In Saitama, he showed that if he performs up to his potential at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, next month, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

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2016 Skate America Preview Part 1: Ladies & Pairs

The 2016 Grand Prix Series starts with Skate America this week, and things are heating up as we go into the pre-Olympic season!

SYWTWFS recently gained many new followers, so we’ll try our best to write previews for as many competitions as possible this season in order to introduce everyone to some of the top skaters in the current field. This part of our Skate America preview will cover the ladies and pairs fields. See here for our preview of the men and ice dance fields!

TV and streaming information for Skate America is available here.

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