2010 japan cup


“We as humans always like to think and believe something is gonna go a certain way.
It’s supposed to be like this but it never happens that way.
Fustration, disappointment, injuries, people thinking I can’t do it.
That was my journey.

You have these goals, you have these dreams, you think everything is going right then all of a sudden, your world comes crashing down…

After that moment, I actually came back a better player.
I was a smarter player, I missed the game, I was hungrier.
I got my chance and never left the field after that.

I look back at those moments; what the team did and what I did.
Those 16 minutes scoring 3 goals were really 13 years of blood sweat and tears.”

-Carli Lloyd on breaking her ankle (2010) & winning  FIFA Womens World Cup (2015) 

Aliya Mustafina Floor Routine Masterpost
(This obviously doesn’t include all of her routines, but just the ones I could find without having to look too hard.)

2004 » Unknown Meet

2006 » Friendship Classic

2007 » Gymnix ♦ Junior Intl: AA / EF

2008 » Massilia EF

2009 » Japan CupGymnasiade

2010 » Europeans: Qual / TFJapan CupHolland Invitational ♦ Worlds: QualTF / AA / EFVoronin Cup

2011 » American CupEuropeans QualVoronin Cup

2012 » Europeans: Qual / TFSUI-GBR-RUSRussian Cup EF ♦ Olympics: Qual / TF / AA / EF

2013 » Stella Zakharova CupEuropeans AA ♦ Universiade: TF / AA / EF ♦ Worlds: Qual / AA

2014 » Russian Championships AA