2010 appreciation


Olivia and Dhani Harrison backstage at The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, on the occasion of George Fest, 28 September 2014; and accepting the inaugural Global Citizen George Harrison Award on George’s behalf, 22 September 2016.  Photo 1 & 2 © Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images, photo 3 © Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images.

Just taking a moment to express sincerest gratitude to these two amazing people for the incredible, loving way they look after George’s legacy… and likewise, massive respect for the wonderful, giving, caring individuals they are. May life bring them only the very best, always.

[August 3rd, 2015]

Fans of the intellectual savior of the masses, let your voices be heard! August 3rd, 2015 is Damien Sandow’s 33rd birthday, so on that day, we, the fans of the Sandow, will honor the king with posts about his legacy. Post stories about his glory, your favorite matches, your encounters with Sandow, and your general opinion and admiration for the man himself.

I will see to it that everyone who uses the hashtag #SandowAppreciationDay will have their posts printed and delivered to Sandow himself. If you have pictures that you’re proud of, post them and post WHY you love Sandow. I’ll be working along with fellow fans on here, as well as personal friends of Sandow, to make sure that what Sandow sees is what we all want him to see and know: that he is adored, idolized (yes, pun intended), and appreciated.



we didn’t realize how good we had it in 2010… we didn’t appreciate it… we didn’t know… we took this for granted…

Sukanya Shankar and musician Dhani Harrison at Ravi Shankar: Celebrating A Life In Music at The GRAMMY Museum on April 28, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. 

Photo: Rebecca Sapp/WireImage

“In the last few years Sukanya and I have both become good friends with George’s wife Olivia also. She is a strong lady and takes good care of George and, of course, fantastic care of their handsome son, Dhani. I have known Dhani since his childhood.“ - Ravi Shankar, Raga Mala [x]

* * *

"What probably touches me most about George is the sincerity of his relationship to Raviji. He is familiar with all of Raviji’s records and songs and knows how each raga develops. He knows them so well. They have a unique relationship. They are so close.” - Sukanya Shankar, Raga Mala [x]

* * *

“Uncle George was inexpressibly close to my father, and because of this I grew up viewing him as another father. From the time I was a child, he has been there for me, spoiling me with presents, listening to me talk about anything and everything, and always being very protective of me in my career… He had and will continue to have a huge impact on my life.” - Anoushka Shankar, 2001 [x]

* * *

“Uncle George was more of an uncle than a singer to me. I could go to him with all my personal problems.” - Anoushka Shankar, Times of India, 2002 [x]

* * *

“Happy birthday, dear, sweet Uncle George. Still loving and missing you.” - Anoushka Shankar via Twitter, 25 February 2014 [x]