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it gives me such pride that i’m living in the same era as young harry styles. that i get to see the makings of a legend, an icon, in real time.

was this how people felt during the 1950’s with elvis presley? was this how people felt during the 1980’s with michael jackson?

i feel honoured that i’ve gotten to be a part of the beginning of a real star during the 2010’s-2020’s.

The Georgetown University report, which culled data from several recent studies, found that more than half of all new jobs in the District between 2010 and 2020 will require at least a bachelor’s degree, although only 12.3 percent of black residents in 2014 had graduated from college. It noted the average white household in the region has a net worth of $284,000, while the assets of the average black household are just $3,500.



Second weird thought - if the Author disappeared during the 1980s, why did his food stock only start in the 2010s/2020s? 

“What kind of disaster would need supplies for over sixty years?”

The last boxes of supplies are numbered for 2070, which is sixty years after 2010, around the decade that the series takes place in.

Theory that the Author wasn’t preparing for an apocalypse during his time working on the Portal - he was preparing for the one that’s coming at the end of the summer.

tardisimpalatohogwarts  asked:

Theory: if SnK universe is the same or at least similar to ours expect for some geographical differences and the fact titans attack, the earliest titans could appear is 1910s, since that's the time when spinal fluid's chemical composition was first accurately described. This would put the story of SnK into the 2010s or even early 2020s, if the Gregorian calendar is applied. Thoughts?

Nice one.

Gather 'round FNAF fans, for I bring some (possible) answers!!

(this theory is highly influenced by this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1kw1RmzrPc by The Game Theorists, and also many things that I found on the FNAF wikia) (also, theories similar to this one may already be on the internet, sorry if I accidentally ripped someone off, I wasn’t trying to)

There are 4 known Freddy Fazbear locations. Fredbear’s Family Diner, the one spoken of in FNAF 2. the one in FNAF 2, and the one in FNAF 1. Supposing that FNAF 3 takes place in the same location as 1, we can assume that everything is the same except for it being slightly bigger.  

Now… In FNAF 2’s “Take Cake to the Children” minigame, we see a crying child being killed outside of the diner. The diner, however, is quite small and only has one animatronic: a slightly yellow Freddy. This, folks, is Fredbear’s Family Diner, home of Golden Freddy. Purple Guy kills the crying child, and afterwards, the child’s ghost can still be seen crying. This child is mostly known as the one to haunt the Marionette. If you, like myself, are a firm believer that Phone Guy is also Purple Guy, then good, because I based my theory off of that theory. If not, then just go with it for now. So he kills the first child outside of Fredbear’s. To be able to be alive in the first FNAF, he had to have been a teenager when he killed the first child. 

Flash forward to the first Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. Purple Guy, who should now be in his 20’s, gets a job as a security guard and works his way to being head guard, also in charge of training new employees, both guards and performers. Now known as Phone Guy. [A little bit to support the “Phone Guy is Purple Guy” theory: not only does he help the new guards out, he also helped out by recording messages about how to put on the suits, these can be heard in FNAF 3, Night 3. He also says that the spring lock that keeps the endoskeleton parts away from your body has been malfunctioning. If Purple Guy used one of the suits then he had to have known quite well how to make sure that the spring lock didn’t malfunction. And who knows better than the trainer himself?] Now, Phone Guy gets into the Golden Freddy suit, lures the children to the back room, possibly the safe room. Now, he probably took off the Golden Freddy suit before killing the children because it is probably quite big and heavy with all the machinery inside it. He was probably wearing his uniform underneath, so the children saw that he was a guard. He kills them and then stuffs their bodies into the other four animatronics and then continues on like nothing happened. This location is then left to rot.

The year is 1987 and we are now in the second Freddy’s. Phone Guy is probably now in his 30’s. The original animatronics are still around, along with their toy counterparts. After the patrons complain that the originals smell bad and look like “reanimated corpses,” it is decided that they will be used for parts instead. Phone Guy, knowing that the bodies of the children are inside, moves the bodies to the safe room, which is soon after boarded up, but the souls of the children still haunt the suits. In FNAF 2, the toys attack you because they think you are a predator, inside the building after hours. The originals attack you because you are the night guard, having seen their killer wearing the uniform. In the message for Night 2, he says, “I never like that puppet thing. It was always… thinking, and it can go anywhere…” Now, if the first child did actually posses the Marionette, then its ability to go anywhere would be because he wasn’t killed inside the building. He was killed outside, when it wasn’t even Freddy’s Pizzeria.  

20 years later, It is now between 2010-2020. Phone Guy is now in his 50’s. The toy animatronics have been scraped for malfunctioning, most probably causing the infamous Bite of ‘87. The originals have been fixed up and are now back in business. The Marionette still hangs around, sometimes appearing in the poster in the East Hall as a crying child. They attack you because you are the night guard. Phone Guy dies on Night 4, which can be seen during the minigame after Night 5 in FNAF3. In the tape, you can hear banging, some music, and moaning. The banging is different than when Foxy bangs on the door to the office, so it could actually be the noise of him taking apart each of the animatronics, since it happens four different times. The song that Freddy plays while in the kitchen is the same that is played in the game room, therefore Phone Guy is currently in the game room. The way Phone Guy speaks makes it clear that he knows he’s going to die. He’s in his 50’s and he can’t fight them off. However, he never really reacts to the sounds around him until the moaning, which both Bonnie and Chika make. However, if he already took apart the animatronics, then this is probably the sound the ghosts of the children make. “Maybe sometime, uh, you could check inside those suits in the back room? I’m gonna try to hold out until someone checks. Maybe it won’t be so bad.” Phone Guy planned all along to get inside the Spring Trap suit, and he knew the spring lock would malfunction, but death was not immediate. He hints at this in FNAF 3 when he says that if your spring lock malfunctions, to please move away from the area, maybe into the safe room, and the proceed to bleed out. While he is running around the room, trying to get away from the ghost child, you can see something flashing in his hand, most likely the phone he is using to record the message for you. The screeching sound heard in the tape would be Phone Guy screaming in pain through the Spring Trap suit after putting it on and being crushed by the endoskeleton contracting. He does indeed try to hold out and can be seen glitching out on the floor, which can also be seen in the FNAF 3 trailer. Mike gets fired at the end of the game for “tampering with the animatronics.” Basically Mike got blamed for Phone Guy taking apart the animatronics before they could get to him.  

30 years later, Fazbear’s Fright has opened. In the pictures of Spring Trap taking off his mask, a decayed face can be seen. Phone Guy. Still inside Spring Trap, even after all these years. No one ever saved him because you got fired, so he now wants revenge. You hallucinate the rest of the animatronics. All except for Bonnie. These hallucinations seem to be burned, this is most likely because Phone Bro (New Phone Guy) mentioned that fires were an actual hazard. Spring Trap is attracted to the sound of BB laughing or talking because BB is a child, and as an animatronic, he is automatically attracted to the sound of children. You can also play the audio in a room where he is and he will leave, this is most likely because he is still afraid of the ghost of the 5 kids. At the end of FNAF 3, he burns down the place as Spring Trap because the owners of Fazbear’s Fright were going to open the safe room.


The New Pornographers, “Brill Bruisers”
from Brill Bruisers (2014)

This album is helping me stay above water this week.