2010 01 09


people like snow to play in. kids with sleds and snowmen, big kids with snowmobiles etc. then too, it’s pretty to look at when it’s all smooth and white all over everything.


The things I love such as hiking makes me appreciate what beauty really means to me =). I think you should embrace who you are and you should never compare yourself to anyone.


This is a list of pretty much all the Arashi-related translations I’ve done over the years over at say_it_again on LJ, from 2005 to present. They are divided into several sections and further listed in (mostly) chronological order unless they were parts to the same article/translation.

Please note that the further you go back the more likely there will be mistakes or awkward sentences! (Also, a few of these translations are incomplete as I never got around to finishing them…)

Last updated: 2014/11/18

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