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SO I WAS INSPIRED BY SOME OTHER COOL PEOPLE TO POST SOME SELFIES OF ME FROM MY HORRIBLE EMO PHASE ! honestly I was more of a scenester xD but rlly… what’s the difference? Anyways first 3 pics are from 2010/2011 and the last pic was taken a few days ago. please enjoy the cringe. also yes I really did make a vampire edit of myself I really did that.


“You have a beautiful voice and I’ve already learned things to add to how I sing from you. Working on your song has changed me forever because I’ve learned from you. We are witchy sisters and that’s it. That’s where “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems” comes from, because we are trying to ride above all the problems and have hope in everything else, but it’s still a world filled with problems no matter how hard we try to change it." 

 — Stevie Nicks to Lana Del Rey, V Magazine, 2017.


“Stevie Nicks lives in the sky. Her condominium overlooking Santa Monica beach appears to be cut into a cliff. Views of the ocean surround her. She calls it her “piece of heaven”. Light must flood the place during the day, but it’s 8pm when I arrive and apartment’s lighting is set to a crepuscular golden glow as if illuminated only by trapped fireflies.” - Mojo Magazine, 2015