Reimagined Fantastic Four #39 cover commission by John Byrne. 2010.

John had this to say about the top commission:


As I was working on this piece, I was wishing it was an 18x24, rather than an 11x17. Turns out I should have paid a little closer attention to the email Jim sent. 18x24 is, indeed, what was asked for.

So, later today, or sometime tomorrow (depending on how many interruptions I get today!) you’ll be seeing the new, larger version posted here.

And the smaller one, I guess, will be bound for eBay!

John added:

Interesting thing about redoing this piece – the new one is not simply an enlargement of the other. 18x24 is quite different proportions from 11x17. The latter is pretty close to the 2x3 proportions of a traditional comicbook page, but at those proportions the large piece would be 18x27. So things are shifting a bit on the large piece.

The second image was posted 24 hours later.