200years old

If you think Maeglin’s life wasn’t depressing enough, look at this:

316FA - Aredhel leaves Gondolin and weds Eöl. 
320FA - Maeglin is born
400FA - Aredhel and Maeglin return to Gondolin. Eöl kills Aredhel and is executed
456FA -  Death of Fingolfin, his body is taken to Gondolin
472FA - Nirnaeth Arnoediad
502FA - Tuor comes to Gondolin
503FA - Eärendil is born
509FA - Maeglin is captured
510FA - Fall of Gondolin

(source is Tolkiengateway)

… Maeglin didn’t even got 200years old! Given how Noldor are supposed to stop aging around 100 years and become adults around 144years … he only got 20years old, give or take. How fucking depressing is that? Given that Tuor is born in the year of N.A. … he was probably more mature than Maeglin when he came to Gondolin.

And Idril … Maeglin was a teenager for the entire time you knew him! A traumatised, grieving teenager who was born and raised under a different culture. Who probably even looked differently than the rest of the Noldor (Noldor are rumored to have darker skintone than Sindar).

So no, there’s no reason at all to call Maeglin creepy if you look at his background.  


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