Hello. I decided that I want to create a challenge for all the future polyglots here on tumblr. So choose a language and get read for it :)

1. Watch a youtube video in your language of choice
2. Read a book in your language of choice
3. Write a message to someone in your l.o.c
4. Make a list of 30 new words in l.o.c and learn the words.
5. Try to describe any image with your l.o.c
6. Watch a movie w/subtitles in your language of choice
7. Watch a movie in which your language of choice is used
8. Find a penpal from the country where your l.o.c is spoken and try not to use any other language.
9. Describe words - family, relationship, school, pet & dinner with your l.o.c
10. Write an essay (200w) in your l.o.c on the topic - Learning languages.

Feel free to tag people and make a post where you tag me so I can see your improvement :)

~ lena

submitted by Matt Kelley

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anonymous asked:

(400=2l+2w) 400=2l+2w -2l/-2 = 2w/-2 -400/-2 l= -w +200 <- plug in Area formula. 8000=w(-w+200) Distribute and bring 8000 to the other side. 0= -w^2+200w-8000 Factor to make it easier. 0= -(w^2-200w+8000) =200+/- Square root of (-200^2-4(1)(8000) =200+/-89.44 --------------- 2 The two outcomes would be your dimensions =144.72 AND 55.28

thank u anon i really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ilysm