Happy 200th birthday to General Lewis Addison “Lo” Armistead (February 18, 1817 – July 5, 1863)

“You can never know what this has cost me, and I hope God will strike me dead if I am ever induced to leave my native soil, should worse come to worse.”

“Trust in God and fear nothing.”

The stethoscope is celebrating it’s 200th birthday this year! Invented in 1816 by a young French physician, it was intended to preserve the modesty of a young female patient. Dr. Laennec was uncomfortable simply putting his ear to the woman’s chest, as was the usual practice at the time. And thus was born what has become a permanent fixture around today’s doctor’s necks.

Happy 200th Birthday Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre was my teenage favourite and my original much loved, bath crinkled and heavily annotated Penguin Classics paperback is a real bookcase treasure.


Title: All This, and Hell Too 
Words: 2547
Notes: AU where Maki is the princess of Hell and picks Rin to be her wife. loosely based off a thing i saw @yellowgalex reblog uhuhu. also possibly nsfw bit but it’s just a ftb. 

It’s Maki’s 200th birthday.

“You shall be allowed to choose a spouse for yourself, my daughter,” the Lord of the Underworld says to her, “as a reward for your undying loyalty and obedience. Choose anyone you like in Heaven, Earth, or Hell— I shall retrieve that person for you even if it takes all my power and more.”

Secretly, he’s crossing his fingers that his daughter chooses the High Angel of Heaven. Binding her to the Underworld’s royal family would mean that he gets to take power over Heaven and extend his rule. But instead, Maki conjures an image of a person that is definitely not the High Angel of Heaven. She points.

“I want her.”

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The Visionaries: Ada Lovelace | SciTech Now
Learn all about the “first computer programmer”, Ada Lovelace, who also just happened to be the daughter of poet Lord Byron.

December 10th marks what would have been the 200th birthday of Ada Lovelace, a British mathematician and writer who is often regarded as the first computer programmer.