200th aniversary

[FANCAFE MEMO/ WHEEIN] 160620 (via mamamoo_substation) 

“2 years time passed so fast?
Feels so complicated
How good would it be if MAMAMOO and moomoos can be forever like this
Moomoo who always express much, really thankful
Love the whole Wheein, the whole MAMAMOO, really thankful.
20th anniversary lets have a meal together 200th aniversary….. let’s hold our can and tribute to each other…
Is it too over?
ㅎㅎㅎㅎ moomoo sa… sa… sa wu jing!!!
(T/N: Should be saying saranghae)


“Today feels so emotional to all comments wrote by moomoo
I told you I am a very emotional woman… Don’t provoke me ㅜ
I want sa… sa… four hundred won”

(T/N:four = sa)