Zayn hired a £120,00 convertible Bentley. The 21-year-old singer was spotted being chauffeured around in the flash motor, which can reach speeds of close to 200mph and do 0-60 in just four and a half seconds. The black Bentley - a Continental GT V8 S Convertible - costs £900-a-day to rent and is part of Black and White Car Rental’s ‘exotic’ collection. But it was Zayn’s bodyguard who had the privilege of sitting in the driver’s seat because the boy band star has not yet passed his test. Zayn, who flew to LA on February 10, rented a black Range Rover for the start of his trip, but later that day he swapped the vehicle for the £120,000 soft-top Bentley, which boasts a four litre twin turbo engine and leather seats. x

Gemini Gift & Curse


GIFT: Your brain is like a sponge, soaking up tons and tons of valuable and insightful information daily. People know they can come to you for advice, know-how and much more. And what’s even better about you is that you are not afraid to challenge yourself.

CURSE: Your mind goes 200mph and often has a lot of uncompleted ideas or concepts. You may find it hard to cohesively put your thoughts together. You tend to overthink an issue, which makes it hard for you to make decisions. Your mind plays trick on you also, liking or wanting something one minute and then hating it the next.