Jaguar XE SV Project 8, 2017. Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) has revealed the most powerful and extreme performance Jaguar road car ever. The first road-legal Jaguar with a 600PS 5.0-litre supercharged V8 providing a top speed of 200mph and 0-60mph in 3.3sec . To be built in a limited-run of 300 examples worldwide. 

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This is a Dragster Blowover

Top Fuel Dragster racing is the form of racing where a vehicle accelerates up to 4g along a mile strip, reaching speeds upto 570 kilometres per hour (335 mph) and finishing the 305 metre (1,000 ft) runs in (3.5-4.0) seconds.

The way that a simple wheelie works is that:

If the torque applied by the engine placed on rear axle is greater than the torque exerted by the vehicle at the center of mass, the front end of the bike/car will rise.

If you don’t have an engine powerful enough to do a wheelie, having some friends to volunteer as sources of torque works too !


Now a blowover is not primarily caused by the immense torque exerted by the engine.

A blowover is the flipping of a car, due to air sweeping underneath it. This creates an aerodynamic lift which blows the car over.

If a vehicle is traveling at 200mph , the vehicle must only be pitched up a 3 degree angle to initiate the blowover.

                                            Wheelie bar

And then came along wheelie bars which completely stopped this from occurring. The wheelie bar ensures that the car does not flip under high torques and speeds.

** Extra:

Moment analysis of a Top Fuel Dragster

Ford Mustang Fastback, 2018, by Tucci Hot Rods. A SEMA concept capable of 200mph thanks to reduced drag and increased power. The 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 engine has a Hellion twin turbo kit, Mishimoto radiator, transmission cooler and oil cooler, G-Force driveshaft and rear axles, a DEI exhaust wrap and Ford Performance by Borla exhaust. The exterior is finished in John’s Auto Restoration paint, with Tucci Hot Rods aluminum pro mod wing and rear diffuser, Ultimaker 3D-printed hood vents and a Stroud parachute

Robin (the first one), Kid Flash and Red Arrow had a youtube account dedicated to them doing random things in their costumes. Example 1: Covering a shopping cart in mattresses and pillows then getting Wally to slam into it at 200mph (whilst they were sitting in it). The channel consisted mainly of fails. Once Wally returned from the Speedforce, the boys repeated their most popular video (consisting of a certain incident with a shopping cart and a speedster), much to everyone’s great amusement.

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I'm in central Florida and I'm scared spitless. Currently Irma has 185mph sustained winds with gusts over 200mph (which makes it a category 6 I believe). We don't know where it's going yet. if it turns north and drives up the state from Miami, it will weaken as the land tears it apart, but it's still going to be bad when it gets here. This has the potential of being a bigger disaster than Harvey. I know you're praying, but if you have a prayer line going, please do remember those in the path.

I’m pretty nervous for you guys down there (and people in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands since Irma is already there). I’m hoping people in Florida do what they can to stay safe.

And since Irma hasn’t reached Florida yet and whichever destination it decides to go to afterwards; I’ll add some tips I found on WP on how to prepare for the worst possible case scenario with this hurricane:

-Trim trees or branches that aren’t sturdy (if you aren’t able to cut the whole thing down), cause those are guaranteed to fall (when hurricane Isabel hit us 14 years ago, this was something that we should of done cause a giant ass tree fell across our backyard and was so close to impaling the back of our house).

-Seal any outside wall openings: (Any kind of vent, your air-conditioning unit so debris doesn’t damage it, electrical outlets, etc.)

-Remove all outdoor furniture

-Board up your windows, especially if you live near the coast. And secure your garage door.


-Make sure to stock up on these essentials (“your emergency supply-kit”) because if Irma does as much damage as predicted, many stores will make sure to gouge their prices.  

-This is included in the link above, but it’s something that can’t be stressed enough: keep any important family documents with you, if you plan on leaving the area.

-If you’re a homeowner, it’s imperative that you inventory your possessions when preparing for a natural disaster of any kind. Take pictures of all your belongings in every room of your house, especially insurance policies of any kind. If enough damage is done you’ll have a digital backup of those documents. This will make the whole compensation process with your insurance company much easier.

anyone is free to add more if i missed any

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How do you feel about Titus Andronicus?

nonstop horrible bloody revenge tragedy by young overzealous ovid and seneca fanboy shakespeare who wrote at 200mph screaming “MORE. MORE DEATH. MORE BLOOD. CANNIBALISM! MAIMING! FUCKING ROMANS!” and it ALSO gives us the closest thing we’ll get to a proper female revenger in the shakespeare canon. this is such a frenzy of destruction that it horrified old scholars and they tried to prove it wasn’t shakespeare. how could the man who wrote hamlet have written this??? but he did, and what’s more, the best parts - the more nuanced parts - were added by co-authors. like the fly-killing scene, where Titus reprimands Young Lucius for swatting a fly that allows us to reflect on how powerless we are in an unforgiving universe? if I remember correctly, it’s been worked out that Kyd added that bit in. because even the best writers were young and over-enthusiastic once upon a time, and this is play is baby shakey mashing together bits of his favourite myths and tragedies and then doubling the carnage and saying “THIS IS HOW YOU TRAGEDY, RIGHT????” while older writers gently intervened and said “yes, but… let’s add this conversation in too.” anyway it’s a hot mess but I fucking love it and in between all the crazy shit there are sparks of sheer brilliance and if you want a great adaptation watch Julie Taymor’s Titus. One of my fav movies of all time and it really gets how weird and disjointed the play is, the way it embraces the craziness and makes it hilarious, horrifying, sobering and heartbreaking all at once.

oh yeah, and

“villain I have done thy mother”

what a classic line.

This is Hurricane Irma. A category 5 hurricane, that is the largest ever recorded in the Atlantic. She is not alone. She was preceded by Hurricane Harvey (that was a Category 3), and is being followed by 2 Category 1 hurricanes, Jose and Katia.

Keep in mind that both Jose, and Katia, are still in the open waters of the south Atlantic. This means that, with the still warm waters that are in that area of the ocean, that they too have the potential to grow as they cross the Atlantic waters.

Please also be advised: There have already been a confirmed 10 deaths from Irma, as well as 900,000 people who are currently without power, potable water, electricity and supplies. The United Kingdom, Denmark, United Nations, Red Cross and France have already dispatched aid, which should arrive sometime later today (Thursday, 9/7/17).

The governor of Florida has issued evacuation orders for the Florida Keys, as well as Miami, and has issued a state of emergency. The UN has estimated that another 49,000,000 (yes, that’s 49 million) people will be effected by Irma, as that hurricane is making its way towards the US Coastline.  

Please, if any of you are in that area, get out…now, before it’s too late. This is not a storm to try and ride out.  Irma, a Category 5,  had sustained winds of 195 mph when it hit the islands. NOAA recorded that the gusts Irma is producing, are ‘at least’ 200mph.

Please..do not take these storms lightly. Do not sit around with your iPhone and waste precious time recording this storm. Things can be replaced. People can not.

indefinite hiatus notice

as some of you already know, hurricane irma will be hitting puerto rico today and she will leave all of us without power for months. irma is 15 times bigger than puerto rico and shes reaching speeds of 200mph - trust me when i say that she WILL cause mass destruction, and that she WILL kill a lot of people. its even worse for me because my municipality lives close to the shore and although a flood warning has been issued, everyone refuses to leave

that being said, ill be active only on snapchat and ill post what happens on my snapchat story. id rather not use my phone at all but im doing this for my irl friends that also have to suffer through this, but if you want to see what a catastrophic hurricane does to a small island and an even smaller town, then be my guest. theres a chance, however, that the cellular data towers will be damaged. though ill try to record and post my status as much as possible, i dont think ill have any signal by the end of irmas wrath. actually, im certain of it, because after irma tropical storm jose will damage us as well. talk about adding salt to a wound

u.s news is barely covering this, but thats to be expected. the u.s always bore malicious intent in regards to puerto rico, whether its by merciless colonial exploitation or leaving the masses to rot as they continue to drain our resources. still, the fact that this historical event for us isnt being covered kind of stings. my mother already assured me that our houses roof will definitely be blown away, and that total flooding in my zone is to be expected. the lives of my friends and family are in danger, and so is mine

my snapchat is isagabrielle10 and if you add me tell me who you are. its nice to know that someone cares. ill schedule this post a few times in case someone misses it. ill be praying for the other caribbean islands, as i have faith that their luck will be much better than ours. see you all later, hopefully


First Look: The TVR Griffith

TVR has unveiled its all new sports car, the TVR Griffith, at the Goodwood Revival. Revealed to media and visitors, the Griffith is the first new TVR to be launched since the company was resurrected in British hands.

Employing Gordon Murray Design’s innovative iStream architecture with carbon composite structure and body panels, the new TVR Griffith weighs just 1250kg, offers exceptional torsional rigidity and a perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

Powering the new TVR Griffith is a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter Cosworth-enhanced V8, which enables 400bhp/tonne and is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. The new TVR Griffith achieves a top speed of more than 200mph, and accelerates from 0-60mph in less than four seconds.

The new TVR Griffith unveiled to the public today is presented in Launch Edition specification, which includes a full leather interior and custom alloy wheels, as well as Launch Edition paint options and a bespoke infotainment system. 

Starting from £90,000, production of the new TVR Griffith Launch Edition will begin in late 2018.