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Thank you for answering! But is 20k not a little low? I mean there was such a hype? (Or am I delusional?) I heard SNSD korean album sold 100k in japan and their first japanese album was a million seller. And Kara was even bigger than SNSD. So I thought Twice gonna sell 100k. Isn't it even more proof that kpop is such a niche in japan? Plus I feel a little sad for the non japanese members of Twice since Japan is only giving attention to/talking about JLine.

Like I’ve said, you can’t compare groups, especially without realizing everything else going on. But if we must, I’ll do an explanation again… SNSD debuted in Japan at the height of the Hallyu wave, after Psy’s Gangnam Style too mind you when the world and their grandmother “knew kpop”. Also, SNSD was an established group that had been out for over 3 years before they debuted in Japan. And their album sell count of 200k on Oricon also isn’t an instantaneous count. This is us looking back at history to see total accumulated album sales. Also, SNSD averaged much less albums per year compared to Twice, meaning their albums didn’t have to compete against themselves for sales as much as Twice’s do. And it wasn’t until later SNSD albums that they eventually topped Oricon. (But if you look at digital sales as well as streaming counts across all different websites, which arguably matter more right now than physical album sales everywhere in the world besides Japan, you’ll actually see how stellar Twice is doing as oppose to other contemporary groups. They’ve even won several awards for it.)

Meanwhile, years later, all artists are really struggling to sell physical albums everywhere across the increasingly digital world and Kpop is all but a gone fad in Japan. “Gangnnam style what? SNSD who?” - actual quotes from current non-kpop stans. Twice’s entrance into Japan is a reintroduction of Hallyu. They literally have to remake the market that is practically non-existent now and even Oricon and NHK have acknowledged this. Also, if you consider that Twice is still less than 2 years old but already have four mini albums that have all sold over 20k and counting practially right away in Japan (and we don’t know how well #Twice will do yet since it literally just dropped), doesn’t that basically equate to SNSD’s record or at least come close. Really though, idk why it always comes back to “are they doing better than SNSD did?” The keyword here always is “did”. Times are different, and everything needs to be taken anew. Kpop wasn’t always a niche market in Japan, but now it definitely is. And that’s part of the major change that we have to acknowledge before we begin comparisons.

And while Jline are getting the majority of the attention now just for convenience sake, I’m sure the rest of the members will catch up. They’re all continuously studying, and have already made great improvements. Sure Jline is the most popular now in Japan, but everyone will have their chance eventually. Especially after Twice themselves get more comfortable promoting abroad.   

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KNK are so underrated I swear I could cry. Like I've been looking for fancams of them at kconny and I've only managed to find a couple :'( and it's been a month since sun, moon, star came out but the mv is still under 200k views wtf. I'm feeling so bad for my boys. They deserve so much more T.T

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KNK is extremely underrated!!! They have the whole package…. They have a great mix of vocals, they can write and produce music, visuals/models, actors, dancers, and variety show skills.  They lack nothing…. i think the issue is YNB promoting them properly in Korea. International wise they have a great big following but in Korea is super weak. KNK does deserve more… we need to work hard for the boys… but this comeback they had was with super popular groups and it was hard for them to compete and shine. I hope they have a breakthrough here soon. I also hope that YNB won’t forget about KNK like they did for BESTie…..


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