A video I made for my teacher Stefani Hoyt from Mandorla Yoga Institute & Mandorla Therapeutics. See why I fell in love with her and her style of teaching Yoga.

Month 7 - 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Oh boy has the time for this journey just flown by!

I can’t believe I have been regularly practicing and intensely studying since April but it has definitely begun to pay off.Β  Was just hired on at a local gym called Bob’s Gym and began teaching a 7am yoga class for my office on Friday mornings.Β 

It’s absolutely amazing how often my office thanks me for sharing my passion with them and let me know the great benefits they are already feeling after a few short weeks.Β  LOVE IT!!!

Exactly the reason that I wanted to teach in the first place - Share yoga with people who really want / need yoga in their life.Β 


During our 200 hr yoga teacher training this weekend we did an entire morning session of insane inversions. As a former gymnast, I figured I would know a couple good moves but I was absolutely in the dark about how to properly get into alignment and what/how to do inversions correctly. I will have to post pictures later…

Our instructor was the most beautiful, graceful woman I think I’ve ever met. You could tell she was a dancer and you could tell how much she truly loved doing and teaching yoga to others. Absolutely an inspiring and invigorating experience to practice with her today. Looking forward to practicing these on my own and taking my practice to a totally new level.

So stoked to be apart of @tamalyoga’s 200hr YTTS at @yogasalt. It’s hard to believe we only have 6 weekends left! Here’s @tanyaochoa13 flying in a reverse shoulderstand! Playing on a @qiyo_multiversal_yoga #waterdropmat and repping my #teekitribe in my @teekigram leggings πŸ™πŸ’™#igyoga #igyogafam #inversion #invertsjonjunkie #yoga #yogababe #yogapants #yogaeveryday #yogaeverywhere #acro #acroyoga #acrosurfer #ovalmat #calisthenics #shoulderstand #reverseshoulderstand #strength #balance #calisthenics #teachertraining #learn #practicedaily #letlovein

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Intship: SlingshotDesignStudio

(Week 1)

Posted a little late so I’ll be posting week 2 too..
Anyway, start of the week they oriented me on their background, who are their clients, and what services they offer. I was a little surprised that, what seemed like a small company, actually handled such huge brands..
First I got taught how to do job orders, its what they bill their clients, with attachments of the permits and artwork. As the week went on they also taught me how to do a DTI Application for their clients. They also explained how the process with the designers work..

Oh, and I will be spending 200hrs first here at the accounts department where they handle the paperwork and clients.. after that, the rest of the hrs i’ll spend it at the graphic design department..