2013 200 Films Meme

This last year, I told myself I was going to watch 365 films in a year. It didn’t happen, and I wasn’t even close. So, instead of trying to find 365 movies I’ve never seen before (which isn’t impossible, but would be hard) I’ve decided to make myself a collection of categories to work with.

25 Old Favorites

There are tons of movies I like to watch over and over again. This is allowing me to watch them again this year without screwing up my count.

25 New Movies

Simple. 25 movies that are new to you. They can have come out whenever, just as long as you’ve never seen it.

25 Criterion Collection Movies

Any twenty five movies that Criterion has released under their collection. You can find a list here, though I can’t guarantee it has all of the available movies. You can watch many of these for free here

25 Guilty Pleasures

Movies you know instinctively by looking at them that they’re going to be awful. B-Movies, romantic comedies, old science fiction, whatever rocks your boat.

25 Documentaries and Biographical Movies

Kind of self explanatory, right? There are tons of great documentaries made every year. To get you started, you can watch many for free on Hulu (if you live in the US). If documentaries aren’t your thing, you can exchange this with biographical movies (or do a mixture of the two).

25 Short Films

Pretty self explanatory. Watch a short animation, find an amazing short from another country. Here is a list of some award winning short films, but don’t feel restricted to just that!

25 Foreign Movies

If you’re from the US, you may not always catch some of the amazing stuff that happens over the pond. Britain, Canada, India, Japan, and many other countries have great film industries, so do yourself a favor and watch 25 movies that aren’t from home this year.

25 Award Winners

What award, you may ask? Any of them. From an Oscar to a Golden Globe to a Razzie, pick twenty five and get to it. 

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To keep track, here is a page with some film tables you can set up.