ESP8266: One of the most powerful and affordable module. I’m in love with this tiny cute thing. Still pretty amazed by everything it can do.

I started working on the Twitter Bot, i.e send tweets using ESP8266. It’s an amazing project if your’re a beginner like me and have no idea how to work with the wifi module. I followed the Instructable by Suban95. It was really helpful and helped me understand a lot of the things about this module

Things I used- Arduino UNO, ESP8266(Which I got for around 200Rs ($3.7)), Breadboard and Jumper wires

As the ESP is not breadboard friendly I used the jumper wires to connect the Module to breadboard, but I plan to make a bread board adapter like this one for furthur projects.

ESP also works on 3.3V logic. I did’t face any problems when I connected it directly to the 3.3 and GND ports on the Arduino, but it’s recommended to use a logic level converter

Overall it’s a really cool project and I loved working with it. I faced few problems getting my ESP connected to wifi, but other than that it was really easy and fun project/