To Meet a King - Chapter 1
By Organization for Transformative Works

Hi! Would you please write Thranduilxreader fic where reader is elf and part of the company. The company is saved by Legolas and other elves and they are captured. Reader was looking for Bilbo but when she comes back she attacked for the elves but get captured too. When they are meeting the elvenking, Thranduil gets very much attention for she elf. When the dwarves and reader are in dungeon, dwarves asked her so sing something for them. She sings and Thranduil hears it too.
- herainia

While going through Mirkwood on the quest for Erebor, the Company and the reader get captured by wood elves. The reader speaks with the Elvenking and sings a lullaby to the imprisoned dwarves with an unexpected listener.

Word Count: 2009
Character(s): Thranduil/Reader, The Company, Legolas
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: -
Notes: I hope this work is to your liking, herainia. c:
Next Chapter: Chapter 2

Chapter 1

  Finding Bilbo was really the only thing on your mind. You passed tree after tree hunting for him, wishing he wasn’t as small as he was. Hobbits could be very problematic when it was entirely inconvenient. As you searched, you heard a commotion coming from the direction in which you’d left the rest of the Company. You stopped, feeling as if you were being pulled in two separate directions. One the one hand, you desperately wanted to find your hobbit friend. After all, he wasn’t a bad little fellow and was actually quite good at getting you and the rest of the Company out of trouble. On the other hand, he was nowhere to be found and it sounded as if those dwarves had stumbled upon something other than spiders. 

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Too Real To Be Fake

Title:  Too Real To Be Fake

Word Count: 2009

Characters: Dean x Reader

Request:  Part three to Boyfriend For a Day???? Please I just love it! And fluffy smut needs to happen!

Okay so oh my goodness He’s a Keeper was amazing aaaand if you would write a part three I would appreciate it very much <3

[Inserts all of the other requests for a part three in here. Like seriously that are way too many requests to put them all in here]

A/N:  You all wanted a part three, you all get a part three. Some even requested to turn this into a series so please tell me if you want a part four :) I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.


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Dean pulled away from you. His beautiful lips were slightly swollen from the kiss, his eyes gleaming in your direction. You could feel the heat that was about to build up in your face.

“I wanted to do that since the second I saw you behind us in that grocery store”, Dean whispered, quiet enough so that you were the only one able to hear it.

“Room. Now”, you murmured against Dean’s lips and separated from him completely. You turned around and gave your sister an apologetic glance for leaving breakfast so abruptly but she just smirked and winked at you. You reached out for Dean’s hand and dragged him with you. The room on the yacht you shared with him wasn’t that far away and as soon as the door closed behind you, you pushed Dean against the wall.

“What the hell was that, Dean?”, you started yelling at him and noticed the disappointed look in his eyes. What was he thinking you would do once you reached your room? A make out session? You shivered at the thought of that and bit down on your lower lip. At the thought of touching his bare chest you got chills and hastily shook your had so the thought of it would disappear.

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