2009: emma

Emma in LoS
  • Emma: fights demon while hanging off of ferris wheel
  • Emma: burns down a STONE church w Jules
  • Emma: kills 1 of the 7 riders of manan
  • Emma: BREAKS the mortal sword, a creation of RAZIEL
  • Emma: is the best shadowhunter of her generation
  • Emma: leaves everyone shook
  • Emma: "guys, really, I'm not the next Jace Herondale stop saying that"
  • Emma according to others: The best Shadowhunter of her generation, wow, queen, such an icon, so talented, so mature
  • Emma really: *wants to take selfies with piskies she has to interrogate* *fantasizes about throwing Manuel out of a window* *tricks Perfect Diego into stepping on an ants' nest* *makes up ridiculous insults for Kieran*
  • Others: *nodding obliviously* so mature