2009: emma

If Jane Austen characters were teenagers in the same class

Wentworth, Knightley and Darcy are best friends

Fanny has a crush on her childhood friend and deskmate Edmund

Marianne and Catherine Morland read the same books

Bingley is the pet of the class with a crush on Jane Bennet, the perfect student

Elizabeth and Emma  bicker a lot but every once in a while they cooperate and play pranks on Darcy, Knightley and Wentworth

Elinor and Anne are deskmates, they seem more serious than they actually are

Henry Crawford, Willoughby and Wickham are the wild boys, they flirt with every girl they see and are very noisy

Tilney and Edward are friends who like the same books and get along very well: Tilney talks a lot and Edward listens