2009 vs 2016

No, I don’t draw every day. I don’t always have the time to do so, and often I don’t have the inspiration or I am simply not in the mood. But I do try to push myself often and try new things. Most of it never ends up online.

The point is, progress, no matter how slow, is progress. Keep drawing, everyday or whenever you feel like it. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you don’t give up.


Braddock Independent’s 2009 Show entitled, “We Do It To Ourselves”.

I honestly don’t really even know what to say besides, Just Watch it


It doesn’t matter who you ship Eren with. It doesn’t matter if you ship Eremin, Eremika, Ereri, Erejean (hell even Erekuri) That dream of Eren having a long happy life with somebody else is gone, just like that. DAMN, he won’t be able to be with his childhood friends until the end. Idk what’s Isayama up to, but if this will be truly the end sorry but that’s fucking up the entire series