2009 concert


Side-by-side of Trump’s inauguration concert vs. Obama’s says everything you need to know

  • Photos from Obama’s inaugural concert in 2009 versus Trump’s concert on Thursday, reveal just how many fewer people showed up for Trump.
  • The Washington Post estimated over 400,000 people attended Obama’s 2009 concert. Read more

And yes, Trump walked out to The Rolling Stone’s “Heart of Stone”

  • For his entrance, Trump chose The Rolling Stones’ “Heart of Stone,” a love song about a creul lover who takes no pity in a woman’s pain.
  • “There’s been so many girls that I’ve known,” the first verse of the song reads. “I’ve made so many cry, and still I wonder why/ Here comes a little girl, I see her walking down the street/ She’s all by herself, I try to knock her off her feet. … Cause you’ll never break this heart of stone.” Read more 

More people have have attended the Women’s March than Trump’s Inauguration, and I gotta say, that calms me down.

Trump scares me. I’m Black, I’m Mexican, I’m a woman, and therefore I am a target. I am not human in the eyes of him or his supporters. But his turnout was so low and so many people refused to perform for him that it shows me that we have unity on some level. While I am scared for the years to come, I know that so many people are out there, actively rejecting his hateful agenda and it makes me feel a little bit safer.

I can only imagine how disappointing that inauguration was. Obama had a full blown concert, in 2009 it was hard to go anywhere in Chicago because people were on their way to see him. Nobody wanted to perform for Trump (nobody important at least), and barely anyone showed up to his inauguration. Trump himself was probably seething…

Anyways, here’s to the next four years of fighting back!