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“Like a ship, a car should be named after a girl, as it’s sexy.” - Sebastian Vettel, 2009

The names Sebastian Vettel has given his cars throughout his Formula One career. {2008 - 2017}

something we casually forget about PINOF 4. this was taken during 2012, aka, the sad years of phan. you can tell how internally uncomfortable they were and unnaturally more skinny than usual. but still in that time, screenshots like this were taken. dan lovingly smiling at Phil from behind while phil flashes that gorgeous smile. in little parts throughout the video, you can still see how much they love each other. whether it’s romantic gazes or the “ i feel special” “you are” moments, dan and phil have always stuck together through thick and thin, no matter how bad the times were. although those times were tough but they still showed affection, nowadays, looking at PINOF 8 and furthermore, they’re now open about their love. whether it’s romantic or simply friendly, just look at them now. we’re all so proud of their perseverance. we must, as the phandom, their source of views and support, must always stay by their side and encourage them. they have a healthy happy relationship together and it is our responsibility to help them stay positive. the last thing we want is another 2012, the sad year, we want to extend dan and phil’s legacy and make it a happy one. throughout time, specifically 2009-2011 is where you could tell they didn’t care. they didn’t care what people thought of them, they didn’t care if their relationship was open. during the tragic year of 2012, the boys drifted apart. but they have such a connection that, in the photo above, they cannot break. no matter how secretive they want to be, or sad they are, dan will still gaze fondly at phil, and phil will occasionally flash the love eyes himself, whilst providing us all with his perfect smile. no matter how broken they are, i know dan and phil have a bond that they can’t break. so here’s the message. don’t be someone you’re not. never give up. find that one person that will make your life a dream come true. grow a bond like Dan and Phil.

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