2008 vma

Sometimes I wish the world knew how many fake ass people used Taylor’s kindness. She respected Kanye even after what he did at the 2008 VMAs. Remember when she sent him flowers and seemed super happy about her friendship with both, Kim and Kanye? All she wanted is to be in a good relationship with them.. But then those fuckers just somehow decided to turn the world against her just to make themselves stand out. Which was so childish and pathetic. And let’s not talk about fake squad members like Zendaya who turned against her right after the first drama happened. Should I continue with Demi?
Wouldn’t you be angry? Wouldn’t you be tired of everyone taking your kindness for garanted? I’M NEVER EVER GOING TO SAY SHIT LIKE: ‘It feels like she is changed completely!’ The only right thing to do is to show the world that she’s is not a sweet, fragile little girl anymore! She is now a strong woman and I’m so proud of her. I would never leave her because I have been there for years and I know why. I’m pretty sure the talented, generous and strong Taylor will remain.